3 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Condo for a Luxurious Trip to Miami Beach

Miami Beach luxury condo rental When planning a Vacation, many plan to rent at a luxury hotel as opposed to a house. While they appreciate the amenities of a home, they’d rather not deal with some of the other obligations that come with it. But have you considered renting a luxury vacation condo on Miami Beach? Check out these three reasons for renting a condo on your next luxury vacation.

1. Savings – Luxury vacations are assumed by outsiders as ‘no expense spared’ events, but the savvy traveler knows that not all items of luxury come with a heavy price tag. A luxury vacation condo often has many of the same amenities as a luxury hotel – sometimes in the same building – but without the same price tag.

2. ‘Hidden Vacancies’ – During peak travel seasons on Miami Beach, hotel vacancies mayMiami Beach luxury condo rental be a rarity, but condo rentals may represent a ‘secret stash’ of options. When booking your next Miami Beach luxury vacation, consider a condo.

3. Comforts of Home – Not all Miami Beach luxury hotel rentals will have a kitchen or living room area, but a condo most certainly will. If you’d rather stay in for a meal rather than venture out after a hard day of sun-tanning (hey, someone’s gotta do it), a luxury condo rental can afford you that option.

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Top 5 Reasons for a Luxury Vacation on South Beach

No, the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins do not play their games on South Beach, but you’d never know it by the number of glamor shots and wide pans that the neighborhood receives during virtually every televised game. It’s the heart of Miami Beach and there’s a reason – actually, several reasons – that it’s such a major destination. We chose five such reasons for making your next trip a long term Luxury Vacation Rentals in South Beach.

1. The Beach – Let’s get this one right out of the way. The most obvious reason for visiting South Beach is probably also its best reason. South Beach runs from South Pointe Parke to Collins Park – technically, everything from 5th Street to 15th Street, and all with a great view from the aptly named Ocean Drive. The white sand beckons you for long stretches before meeting a crystal blue ocean that seems like it never ends.

2. Dining – Seafood. Steakhouses. Sushi. Traditonal fare. Cuban food. Italian food. Mediterranean food. Should we go on? We’ll save you the time of having to read the list and instead tell you that, quite simply, South Beach has some of the finest and most diverse selections of restaurants you’ll find in any city. If you don’t eat well on South Beach, you’re doing something wrong.

3. Nightlife – Clubs and bars or lounges and late-night restaurants give South Beach its flavor. If it’s not right on South Beach, it’s within walking distance or a short drive. Home to the famous Mansion Nightclub, Nikki Beach Club and local favorite, Jazid, there may be no better city in the world for partying.

4. People Watching – If you’ve never stopped to just look at the people in a certain locale, that might just change when you take your next luxury vacation to South Beach. Locals refer to the famed Lincoln Road as arguably the most beautiful street in America, but there are more types of people to watch than just the ‘lookers.’ Cyclists and runners decorate the sand-side walk way that stretches all along Ocean Drive and there are colorful local personalities that are as much a fixture of the neighborhood as the sand itself. Take in a meal at a sidewalk restaurant – and just watch.

5. Spas – What’s a South Beach Luxury Vacation Rental without some pampering?  Whether its a day spa or a full-scale resort spa, it’s here, and it’s as good as it gets. Not only that, but many hotel spas also offer private access to their beaches, so if you’re going to another hotel’s spa, you’ll get to see their beach, too.

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