Battle on the Beach – Luxury Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

In the luxury vacation property rental business, the constant battle involves changing perceptions. Instinct dictates that hotels are the first-choice when it comes to traveling to Miami Beach for a vacation, and though convenience may be the chief reason, it’s worth noting that savvy, modern travelers can simply do better. Not just because it suits us, but because any alternative, in terms of savings and comfort, rarely adds up to the value provided by luxury vacation rentals in Miami Beach.
So how exactly is a luxury vacation rental property a better value proposition than its hotel alternative? We’re glad you asked.
For starters, we’ve found that our renters love the ‘home’ elements that come with a luxury property rental. Like making breakfast in your pajamas in the morning? If you rent a standard hotel room without a kitchen, you simply can’t do it. Rent a luxury vacation property instead? You’ll always have a kitchen and no one will ever judge you for wearing your PJs all day long (should that suit you).
Having a kitchen affords you some other flexibilities, too. Eating out is par for the course on a luxury vacation, but should you choose to save some money on a few meals, you can prepare them right inside your luxury rental. Want late night snacks? You can have them there, too, without having to leave your room in hopes of finding a place that will still be open for service.
And then, of course, there’s the money. When you consider the ‘sacrifices’ you’ll make to rent a luxury vacation property versus a hotel room, it often comes down to making your own bed, cleaning up after yourself, and not having access to concierge service. For some, those are must-haves, but for many others, getting a property for sometimes half the price of a hotel, or even less, far outweighs the extra ‘perks’ of a hotel stay.
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Luxury Vacations With All the Perks at the Ritz Carlton on Miami Beach

Luxury Vacations Rits Carlton MiamiEver heard a venue or amenity referred to as ‘ritzy’? Well, it’s not a made-up word. Indeed, the luxury standard setters that are the Ritz Carlton are responsible, albeit indirectly, for the birth of the term ‘ritzy’ as a statement of standard-bearing quality. Even so, it may be an understatement to call the Ritz Carlton a ‘ritzy’ destination for luxury vacation rentals in Miami Beach. Indeed, it’s dripping with more than what a single adjective can define.

With a Lincoln Road address and the crystal blue waters of Miami Beach virtually in its backyard, the hotel surrounds its guests with sophisticated, chic Ritz Carlton appeal with Miami Beach style and sophistication. It’s a marriage of craft and quality for the ages, as guests will attest to.

And there’s literally something for every luxury vacation traveler. If you want the amenities of the best hotels on Miami Beach no matter your budget, feast on this buffet of room options, which include a Standard Room, Deluxe Partial Ocean View, Deluxe Lanai Pool View, Deluxe Ocean View with balcony, Club City view, Club Partial Ocean View, Club Ocean View, Junior Suite, Oceanfront Suite, Lanai Oceanfront, and the Ritz Carlton Suite.

And what’s inside? A Standard Room is a studio space that affords luxury travelers with comfortable sleeping areas and fixtures with a full-range of Ritz Carlton Miami Beach amenities and services. And everything in between? It’s a gradual ascension to the ultimate in ‘ritzy’ standards in the Ritz Carlton Suite, which includes 2,800 square feet of Atlantic Ocean and beach views. What’s more? There are floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, dining room and master bedroom, and each offers infinity views to the north, south and east out to the Atlantic Ocean. A butler’s pantry leads into the dining room and connects to other guest rooms, too.

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3 Tips for Listing Your Luxury Miami Beach Property for Rental

Luxury Miami Beach PropertiesDid you know? According to the National Association of Realtors, 27 percent of vacation home buyers plan to purchase the property for the purpose of renting it out to others. And who could blame them? Especially on Miami Beach, luxury property rentals represent great extra-income opportunities; even beyond a typical home rental lease agreement. In fact, in real estate markets such as the one in Miami Beach, luxury property rentals are so popular that they spawn entire industries – our industry!

So how do you go about listing your Miami Beach luxury property? These three tips should get you started.

1. Pricing – We’ll help you with this, as we will with all aspects of listing a property, but it’s important to do your research and understand the market before listing your property. Many factors are at play when it comes to determining the type of income you’ll be able to generate from your luxury rental property, such as season, proximity to the beach (or views of it), and so on. You’ll also need to remember that a security deposit will be necessary for covering any routine maintenance costs, such as cleaning, laundry, lawn care, and so on.

Luxury Miami Beach Properties2. Listing Photos – Homes are like people – they need good lighting to look their best, and some angles are more flattering to them than others. Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ images, either. Use a good quality camera and take a variety of pictures of your luxury Miami Beach rental at different viewpoints – from the ground up, from a balcony on down, at eye-level, or from floor level. Variety also inspires interest. Also prevent people and pets from ‘photobombing’ your image – potential renters want to envision the space for themselves. People and pets, as well as clutter and other personal items can be a detractor. Image is everything.

3. Description – A thorough property description is a perfect pairing with great property images. Your home may have many valuable amenities that you haven’t featured in pictures, so you’ll want to include them here. And be comprehensive, too. An important element of listing a luxury rental property on Miami Beach is considering things that you may take for granted as the owner or ‘local,’ but that an out-of-towner may not. Got an ice maker on the fridge? Are you within walking distance to a local hotspot? Details make the difference.

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