Finding Luxury in Miami

Rentals in Miami BeachLuxury Rentals Miami Beach in the new millennium brought growth and a redefining of luxury vacation rentals in Miami Beach like we had never seen before. Now there are more opportunities for finding luxury in Miami than ever before.

Some vacations are a once in a lifetime experience. When you make the decision to experience everything; no matter the cost and truly treat yourself, there’s nowhere like Miami. You may associate Miami with the elderly and seasonal travelers who migrate south each winter but there’s a side of Miami you may not know about. With luxury hotels, grand rentals, decadent nightclubs, fine dining and posh pampering; the luxurious and elegant vacation you’ve dreamed of becomes a reality in Miami. Once you’ve decided to experience all that Miami has to offer, you get the fun of deciding where you want to stay and what you want to do while you are there.

There are several five-star luxury hotels in Miami that offer everything from beachfront suites to spa services and fancy nightclubs. You could have a hot tub in your room or on your balcony, a salon just downstairs and plenty of attentive employees at your disposal. Would you like to be driven on your tourist treks? Luxury hotels often provide drivers and cars for their guest as well as exclusive reservations for attractions and events. For some vacationers this is the ideal lodging for a luxury vacation. For others, the lack of privacy and the fact that you’re sharing all that luxury with so many other people is a huge turnoff.

If you are one of those who want to enjoy your luxury vacation in a more private location, then you’ll want a luxury vacation rental. Luxury homes outfitted with all the amenities you can think of and privacy that you don’t get at a hotel make them a more popular choice. You can pretend for the duration that the lovely, elegant home is your own! When you want luxury in your own private little world for your Miami vacation, a rental is the way to go.

You may find a rental with its own pool and hot tub, or even one with its own private beach. You’ll have all the comforts of home but on a grander, more luxurious scale. Stay in Miami Oceanfront Villaa luxury oceanfront villa or a modern luxury townhome and surround yourself with pampering and relaxation. Don’t worry, you can still get housekeeping, meals delivered and even a rental car and driver if you choose to hire one. Some luxury rentals come with these extra amenities included in your stay.

Many times luxury rental amenities include entrance to private beach clubs, VIP access to nightclubs or fine dining experiences. You can have the vacation of your dreams in Miami whether you want a private luxury home or choose to stay in a lavish hotel.

Whether you choose a hotel or a luxury rental, you will probably want to see some of the sights in Miami like the Vizcaya mansion, Ocean Drive, the Everglades, Seaquarium and Coral Gables. For nightlife the famous Cameo nightclub, Liv, and Mansion are the places to be when you want to see and be seen. Frequented by models, hip-hop celebrities and the upper echelon of Miami society these nightclubs are a must-do when in Miami.

Golfing, spas, and simply lying on the beach are among the most popular vacation activities in Miami, but fine dining, nightclubs, shopping and many water activities are on the list as well. If you’re planning your once in a lifetime luxury vacation to Miami you have many choices and many decisions to make and many dreams to make come true!

What do you put at the top of your list when it comes to a luxury stay in Miami?

Luxury Penthouse Rentals in Miami Beach

Miami penthouse rentalsluxury penthouse rentals in Miami are easy to find.

When planning an awesome vacation in Florida, you need a place to stay that is equally as fun and exciting as the rest of your plans. A penthouse rental may be just the place to take your vacation to the next level, making it one you’ll be talking about for years. The luxurious environment will make you feel like a millionaire.

You’ll find the penthouse located at the very top or near the top of the tallest high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums in Miami. Being at the very top is exciting in itself but here are some more qualities that make penthouse rentals in Miami Beach so special.

The Amenities

The penthouse offers so many amenities that you may not want to leave. You’ll have access to all the high tech electronics available such as a Plasma TV in every room, including the bathroom. Some of them even have private cinemas or media rooms for your personal enjoyment.

Expect to receive valet parking and 24 hour concierge services that will cater to all of all your needs from handling your dry cleaning to making dinner arrangements. Many of them also have private steam rooms, saunas and exercise rooms.

The furniture is designed for comfort and the décor creates a fun but relaxing environment where you can be yourself while enjoying the finer things in life. The bathrooms are immaculate with all the luxury amenities you can imagine.

The Added Benefits

Expect your penthouse rental to have access to a balcony or terrace where you can go out and take in the view of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding city, which by the way is breathtaking. It’s one of the first things that you’ll notice when you walk out on your terrace and it’s certainly a sight you’ll never forget.

Privacy is another thing that you’ll enjoy. Being at the very top of the building offers more privacy than you get with other rentals. Some even have private elevators so you can come and go without dealing with other guests. Many have private outdoor spaces where you can go to relax in a garden or around a private pool heated for your comfort.

The Personal Experience

A Miami penthouse rental is glamorous and exciting. Staying in a penthouse is associated Miami Beach Penthouse Rentalswith wealth and power. When you stay in one, you feel like you’ve finally made it to the top, even if it is only for a few days or weeks while you’re enjoying your vacation. You can see firsthand what high rise living is all about.

It’s a unique feeling that you won’t get anywhere else and they’re perfect for couples, groups or families. When you really want to indulge and have a vacation you’ll never forget, penthouse rentals in Miami Beach have everything you could ever want and more. What is your favorite benefit to a penthouse rental?