Booking Your Luxury Rentals in Miami Beach

There is no other city in the United States quite like Miami and if you are looking for a unique, luxury vacation, Miami Beach is where it’s at. Whether you’re returning to Miami or visiting for the first time, one of the most important parts of your planning is determining where you will stay. There are many venue choices in Miami and the surrounding area but they are not all created equally. So it’s important to take some time to research and plan your visit, including where you will stay.

Luxury rentals are a popular choice with visitors to Miami because they give you the complete experience. Let’s explore more of your options.

Where to Stay

When you want a luxury rental in Miami Beach, there are actually many great options to choose from based on your budget and preferences. You can consider the Hotel Victor, Z Ocean Hotel, Shore Club, The Tides, Delano, Mandarin Oriental, The Setai, Ritz Carlton, and Acqualina.

Or you might choose condo rentals or mansion rentals for your luxury stay. Many people enjoy a more personalized feel of a condo or house rental that gives you more privacy than a hotel. Some people like to feel like they are at a home away from home while on their vacation where others love the 5-star treatment of a fabulous hotel.

No matter which you choose, take some time to explore the amenities that are offered because with each of these luxury rentals, you get more than just a bed to sleep in. Luxury is not about having just what you need, it’s about having every wish and desire met. It’s about truly splurging on yourself and being pampered. It’s about indulgence and that is just what you get when you choose a luxury rental in Miami.

What To Do

When booking your luxury rental in Miami Beach, you might want to look at your itinerary for the trip. What you’re planning to do and where you want to go will help you decide the best place to stay. There are many great activities and venues such as Buena Vista Bistro, Miami Seaquarium, Primo Pizza, the Miami South Beach Skyline, South Pointe, Everglades National Park, the Lighthouse in Key Biscayne and much more along Miami Beach.

If you’re into the Miami nightlife, there are clubs, diners and more such as Mango’s, Set Miami, Espanola Way, Cameo on Washington and more. The night lasts long in Miami and you can party till you drop and then unwind and relax at your luxury rental.

Many of the luxury rental choices you have also give you things to do right where you stay. There are luxury spa and resorts that let you melt away the stress, saunas and hot tubs, fantastic private pools for swimming, golfing, delectable cuisine and so much more. You can go for a breezy walk on the evening beach to watch the sunset or get a massage with aromatherapy oils in the comfort of your own room. There are so many wonderful luxuries to choose from you’ll have trouble deciding what to experience first.

You get all of this and more when you  choose Luxury Rentals Miami Beach for your next Miami vacation. If you’re unsure of where you want to stay, feel free to contact us and we will help you choose from the many great options. We’re all about helping you enjoy your trip to Miami and make the most of your time here. So go ahead and give us a call and we’ll start planning your luxury vacation right now.

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Book Your Vacation at the W Hotel in South Beach

W Hotel Miami BeachWhen vacationing in Miami, consider booking your stay at the W Hotel in South Beach. This is one of the best luxury hotels in the area. Staying at this hotel is a great way to make your vacation one of the best you’ll ever have. These modern hotels are designed for comfort and they are some of the most stylish hotels you’ll ever stay in. Instead of feeling like a guest, you’ll feel like royalty and that is not a feeling that you can get from just any hotel.

The W Hotel in South Beach, like all of the W Hotels, has its own unique style and personality that is inspired by its surroundings. This is one of the things that make this particular hotel chain stand out from all the others. Here are a few more of the features that make this luxury hotel the one to book on your next vacation trip to Miami.

The Luxury Rooms are Peaceful and Comfortable

Being cramped up in a hotel room can make your stay uncomfortable and a little stressful because you don’t have any personal space but you won’t have that problem when W Hotel Miami Beachstaying at the W Hotel in South Beach. The rooms are huge and beautifully decorated creating a refuge where you can go to get comfortable and relax in style when you need a rest from the excitement of the city or gorgeous beach.

While in your room, relax on the private glass balcony overlooking the ocean, slip into the complementary plush bathrobes and slippers while dining in or have a late night snack. You can call room service to deliver or depending on which suite you choose, you can whip something up on your own using the modern appliances in the full service kitchenette.

Things to Do in the Area

While the luxury rooms at the W Hotel are so comfortable you may find it hard to leave, when you do venture out, there are many options for entertainment in the immediate area. You can sunbath by one of the WET pools, relax at one of the five beach bars or dine in some of the most famous restaurants in Miami such as Mr. Chow, Chef Andrew Carmellini’s and The Dutch without ever having to leave the premises.

If you’re searching for something a little more exciting, visit one of the many attractions in South Beach that includes galleries, museums and parks. You can also hit the beach, play a round of golf or go shopping at some of the best shops in the nation.

The W Hotel also has a state-of-the-art fitness center and rooftop basketball and tennis courts where you can stay in shape and have a good time. You can also take a break from reality at the Bliss Spa, where you’ll be pampered and treated like a star. If you want something a little more romantic, go for a stroll with a loved one through the lush secret garden or have a private getaway in one of the bungalows.


The hospitality is another great reason to stay at the W Hotel in South Beach when vacationing in Miami. The staff is friendly and they know how to make you feel welcome. You have every amenity you can think of and the staff is available 24/7 to take care of your needs.

Everyone that knows anything about Miami knows that driving can be a little stressful but when you stay at the W Hotel in South Beach, you have everything you need and there is plenty to do within walking distance. This allows you to enjoy more of your vacation time by cutting out driving time, which makes you vacation a little less stressful and lot more fun.

Have you ever stayed at the W Hotel in South Beach Miami? How did you enjoy your stay?

Traveling Tips for Flying to Your Luxury Vacation Rental in Miami Beach

One of the best ways to travel to your luxury vacation rental in Miami Beach is to fly. It cuts out hours of driving time and it can be a very pleasant experience if planned out correctly. Traveling by air can be frustrating and stressful with all the security checks and making your way to the terminal in a big airport can be overwhelming. However, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation and get your vacation off on the right foot by following a few simple travel tips.

For example, there will be plenty of time to dress up once you arrive at your destination, so dress for comfort when traveling. Wear clothing that is not too baggy or too tight and you’ll be much more comfortable during your flight. It can be a real pain trying to lace up shoes or putting boots on and off while going through the checkpoints, so wear slip on shoes that are easy to put back on.

Here are a few more traveling tips for flying to your luxury vacation rental in South Beach that can make your trip more pleasant.

Book your Hotel and Rental Car in Advance

Before traveling to any popular tourist destination, book your hotel and rental car in advance. Thousands of tourists visit Miami throughout the year. If you don’t take care of these details in advance, you could end up staying somewhere you’re not comfortable with or spending hours waiting for an available vehicle to drive, both of which can ruin your vacation plans.

If you don’t plan to rent a car, consider choosing a luxury hotel near the airports that’s easy to reach by taxi or you can choose one that offers complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport for your convenience. After traveling by air, you’ll most likely be tired and you’ll want to relax a bit before starting your vacation. Having your luxury rental hotel and car arrangements made in advance will make it easier and less stressful for you to reach your destination in a timely fashion.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Flying can be a little unpredictable and while delays do occur, you can’t just assume your flight will be delayed or you may end up missing it all together. Don’t take any chances, arrive to the Miami airport with plenty of time to check in, go through security and make your way to the terminal. Once there, you can eat a snack and enjoy a cold beverage while you wait for your flight. Doing this will take a lot of the stress out of flying and help to ensure that you’re on the plane when it takes off.

Travel Light

While it may be tempting to take along half your closet when on vacation, make it a habit to travel light. Keeping up with a lot of luggage can be difficult and stressful and honestly, you really don’t need that many outfits when vacationing. If you plan to stay at your luxury vacation rental in Miami Beach for week, only pack a couple nice outfits for going out on the town, your beachwear, sleepwear and a few casual outfits. It’s also a good idea to leave a little extra room in the suitcases for the things you buy while on vacation.

Whether you’re renting a luxury hotel, condo or villa, always confirm your travel arrangements a few days before leaving for your vacation to ensue everything is ready and waiting. This way, if there is a problem with your flight or rental, you can take care of it before you head out on your Miami Beach vacation.


Turn Your Luxury Miami Vacation into an Adventure: Visit the Everglades National Park

Miami is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the United States with many fun and exciting things to do. However, there is a lot more to Miami than the beautiful white sandy beaches, nightclubs and fine dining options. If you’re searching for something a little more exotic, turn your luxury Miami vacation into an adventure by visiting the Everglades National Park.

There is no other place anywhere in the United States like the Everglades National Park. It consists of sub-tropical jungles, mangrove swamps and prairies all mixed together to create a unique and exciting environment for you to explore. Since it’s only located about 45 miles from Downtown Miami, you can rent a luxury villa, penthouse or hotel in or near the city. You can then visit the park once or twice during your stay for a wonderful and exciting adventure that will make your vacation one you’ll never forget.

Things to Do in the Park

One of the best ways to see the Everglades is to take a guided tour of the park. A couple of the guided tours are free and they last about an hour. You can also take advantage of one of the paid tours that takes you on a more in-depth adventure. These usually take about two and a half hours to complete the tour.

If you prefer, you can venture around the park on your own by foot, bicycle or go out on a boat. If you choose to explore the park on your own, make sure you have a map. This is the third largest national park in the nation, so it’s very easy to get lost. You should also take along plenty of fresh water and some snacks.

On top of touring the park, there are many other things that you can do during your visit. For example, you can go canoeing, hiking or photograph the scenery and wildlife. You can also go camping, relax and enjoy nature like you’ve never seen it before.

A Little about the Wildlife

The Everglades is the home to a wide variety of wildlife, some of which are very rare and endangered species. Some of these include the Panther, West Indian Manatee, Egrets and the American Crocodile. There are many species of birds, reptiles, alligators, amphibians, mammals and of course lots of insects. It’s very important to remember that while the wildlife in the park is beautiful and amazing, these are wild and unpredictable animals that roam freely. As a result, always use caution and obey the rules to stay safe.

Visitor Information

The Everglades National Park is open every day, so if you’re staying in one of the luxury vacation rentals in Miami Beach, you won’t have far to drive. It’s one of the most affordable attractions in the area and it’s certainly one of the most adventurous. The best time to visit the park is between the middle of December to about the middle of April.

Be sure to dress appropriately for your visit to the Park. The weather is usually hot and humid so you’ll want something comfortable and lightweight. Take along a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a great pair of walking shoes. Since rainstorms do pop up unexpectedly, you may also want to take along a raincoat and umbrella.

When planning your next vacation, look for one of the Miami vacation rentals near the Everglades National Park. Adding this adventure into your travel plans will surely make your next vacation one you’ll always remember. Not only will you get to take advantage of some of the best luxury rentals in the US, but you’ll also have the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting and unique national parks in the nation.