Miami Luxury Real Estate Is Some of the Best in the US

Are you searching for a place to invest in real estate? Miami, Florida is a great place to look. Miami luxury real estate is some of the best in the U.S. for several different reasons. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a place to retire or looking for a good investment, Miami has something for everyone. For this reason, you are sure to find exactly what you’re searching for at an affordable price.

Here are some more reasons why you should consider Miami when you are in the market for luxury real estate.

The Location is Fantastic

No matter where you buy in Miami, you have the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and gorgeous beaches just a short drive away. You can visit anytime you’re in the mood to have some fun in the sun. If you’re interested in living on the beach, you have a wide variety of beachfront property to choose from.

On the other hand, if living in a nice, quiet neighborhood farther inland is more to your taste, you’re in luck. There are many real estate options available in gated communities and friendly neighborhoods throughout Miami.

The Climate Can’t Be Beat

The summers are hot and humid and the winters are mild and pleasant. What more could you ask for? Miami has a tropical climate with the average temperature ranging around 65 degrees in midwinter and between 80 and 90 in the summer.

Of course, there are times when the temperature can drop down in the 30s in the winter and reach triple digits in midsummer. However, it’s usually just for a few days at a time and then the temperature will go back to normal.

Entertainment and Attractions

Luxury in MiamiWhen you live in Miami, you’ll always have something to do. This is one amazing city with all types of entertainment and many wonderful attractions to enjoy. It’s the perfect place for all types of water activities from boating to scuba diving but that is just the beginning. There are many forms of entertainment available for everyone in the family to enjoy.

You can visit a museum, go to a park, shop, go sightseeing or head out for a night on the town to one of the famous nightclubs in the area. If you enjoy something a little more unusual, you can even take a tour of the rainforest. The point is, when you invest in luxury real estate in Miami, you’ll never sit around being bored because there is always something fun and exciting to do.

The Stable Market

Another very important reason to consider luxury real estate in Miami is the stable market. All smart investors look for real estate in areas that are stable because that is how you maintain a profit. They also look for locations where the wealthy investors tend to favor and you’ll certainly find a lot of wealthy property owners in Miami Florida.

Celebrities, retied businessmen and other prosperous individuals hire professionals to check out the market and look for real estate in areas that will prove to be a smart investment. Many of these investors choose luxury real estate in Miami for their client, which proves that the market is good in this area.

The unstable economy has made investing in real estate a risky move in some areas but the property in Miami has remained stable. This just proves that no matter how hard times get, people are always willing to invest in luxury real estate in beautiful cities like Miami. There’s no doubt about it, Miami luxury real estate is some of the best in the US.

Do you or someone you know personally own any property in Miami Florida? Would you like to learn more about the luxury real estate property in Miami? Contact us 1-888-571-3332 and we are professional Miami Beach real estate brokers and can help you find the perfect home for you and your family.

What You Should Know about Miami Weather before Your Visit

When preparing for a stay in Miami, knowing something about the average and potential weather conditions should be an important part of your planning. Having solid information about what to expect during your vacation can help you prepare in advance for whatever Mother Nature might decide to throw at you.

Check out this information about what you should know about Miami weather before your visit.

Average Weather Conditions

August is generally the warmest month in Miami with an average high temperature of 89 and an average low of 79.

The two coldest months of the year in Miami are December and January with average highs of 76 and 74, respectively, and lows of 64 and 61.

The three months with the highest amount of rainfall in Miami are June, August and September with the driest months being January, February, November, and December. June is generally the wettest month in Miami. The annual average rainfall is just under 60 inches, most of which falls during the wet season.

The wet season begins in May and continues through October. During the wet season, Miami experiences high humidity and temperatures in the mid 80s up to the low 90s. The heat in Miami is usually relieved somewhat by thunderstorms that are common most afternoons. On some days, a sea breeze may develop off of the Atlantic Ocean, bringing cooler temperatures. Thunderstorms and breezes may bring cooler temperatures but the conditions may still be quite muggy.

During the winter months, you don’t really have to worry about snow or flurries as flurries have only been recorded once in Miami, in January 1977.

Dress for the Weather

How you dress during your stay in Miami will depend upon the time of year you visit. The coldest months of winter experience moderate temperatures that are quite comfortable. It is unusual for temperatures in Miami to reach as low as the freezing or below range, but it does happen.

If you are visiting during the cooler months, you will want to bring a light jacket and perhaps a sweatshirt or two in anticipation of cool evenings or mornings.

During the summer months, the temperature and humidity can be quite high. Be sure to pack clothing that will keep you cool and help you not get overheated. Light colors of clothing and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen are good choices.

Be Ready for Rain during the Wet Season

If you visit Miami during the wet season (May through October), be sure to bring an umbrella as you can plan on an afternoon rain shower on most days. Keep this in mind as you plan activities during your stay.

Be Prepared

Plan ahead with knowledge of the weather expectations and enjoy your stay in one of Miami’s fine, luxury hotels. Don’t let the weather put a damper on your vacation. Learn what to expect and plan accordingly.

Luxury Villa Rentals- A Better Way to Vacation

When you’re searching for a better way to vacation in Miami, choose luxury villa rentals for your next vacation stay. Everyone needs to get away occasionally to relax and forget about the stress and worries of everyday life for awhile. It’s a great way to spend time with the kids and have fun together but vacations can be stressful, too especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Planning for your vacations can help to relieve some of the stress but choosing a luxury villa rental can make a huge difference. Here are some more reasons why staying in a villa is a better way to spend your vacation.

You Can Save Money

Staying in a villa can save you money especially if you’re traveling with three or four kids, which is always a good thing. Instead of having to pay extra for more than four people or having to rent another room the way most hotels charge, you are changed one price for the villa. You can look for a rental that is large enough to accommodate everyone in your party and then choose the one that suits your budget the best.

Villas also come with fully equipped kitchens with all the modern appliances, so you don’t have to eat out all the time. This will save you a lot of money and it can free up some of your time because you can cook and eat when you’re ready. It cuts out the time it takes to drive to a restaurant and the time you have to wait to get a seat and receive your meal if the restaurant is packed.

The Freedom Is Amazing

Staying in a villa is much like staying at home. Everyone has their own bedroom so you have privacy and you have the living room and dining room for family time. Even in the finest hotels, the kids need to be quiet most of the time so they don’t disturb the other guests. However, that is not a problem when you stay in a luxury villa rental in Miami Beach. The kids can run around, play and have a good time the way they should be able to do when on vacation.

You can play music, cookout and party the night away if you want to without disturbing other guests. Another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about getting back to your room if you indulge in a few alcoholic drinks.

You Have Many Options to Choose From

When you begin looking at villas, you may be a little surprised at how many options you have. If you’re traveling as part of a large group, you can find villas with up to twenty bedrooms. If you’re traveling with just your partner and looking for a small romantic get-a-way, you can rent a villa with three bedrooms. Here we give you a few top picks:

Villa Cindy (3 Bedroom Villa)

Paradise Villa (4 Bedroom Villa)

Villa Hibiscus Island (5 Bedroom Villa)

Villa Dione (6 Bedroom Villa)

Executive Villa (7 Bedroom Villa)

Villa Palm Island (8 Bedroom Villa)

Star Island (9 Bedroom Villa)

Casa Paolo (10 Bedroom Villa)

Villa Bella (13 Bedroom Villa)

You can also do a Search for Villa in our website to view them all.

With so many options, there is something to suit every vacationer no matter how many is in your family or group. When it comes to options, you can rent luxury villas for a day or two or you can choose a short-term villa rental and stay for several weeks.

The Amazing Service

No one wants to work constantly when on vacation. It takes part of the fun out of it and that’s another reason to consider luxury rentals. Many villas offer concierge services that include laundry service, maid service and personal service such as making restaurant reservations and acquiring tickets to one of the many attractions in Miami.

Choosing luxury villa rentals is a better way to vacation. They have everything you could want in a rental with many options to choose from. It’s like staying in a home away from home where you can relax, enjoy your privacy and concentrate on having a good time.