Are Luxury Hotels Eliminating Room Service?

Room service and luxury hotels just seem to go together. When you think of one, you usually think of the other but that may soon change. The hospitality industry is changing to meet the needs of its guests and room service is not as popular today as it once was. In the past, the kitchen staff in many hotels stayed busy throughout the day and night preparing meals for guests on a moment’s notice, as the calls for room service came in but that is no longer the case.

Room service has been around for as long as there have been luxury hotels. Many travelers have come to expect this service when staying at four and five star hotels in South Beach or any other area and there are the times when you can really appreciate it. After traveling all day to reach your destination, many travelers just want to unpack and relax in their room for a while. Many times, you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night so all you want is a good meal and some sleep.

Some people just look forward to relaxing and having a nice quiet meal together in their room. This can be very romantic and in some cases where vacationers are traveling with small children, it can be a huge relief. Travelers will gladly pay high prices for a meal just for the convenience but it is possible this will no longer be an option one day.

Why the Change

While there are still many travelers who look forward to this service, many others never take advantage of it. In fact, it would appear that fewer travelers order room service every year. Many hotels are losing revenue by keeping their kitchens open 24/7 despite the high prices you have pay for this service and they are looking for alternatives. For this reason, many luxury rental hotels in Miami and all over the US are searching for ways to reduce this cost while still providing guests with other options to try.

What Should Vacationers Expect In the Future

You can’t eliminate room service and not give guests some type of alternative so rumors of these changes have many people wondering, what should vacationers and other travelers expect in the future when staying in a luxury hotel that no longer offers this service? What other options will you have for obtaining food after the normal business hours for hotel restaurants?

According to entrepreneur, “In the last year both the Hilton and Doubletree brands began testing and rolling out a cross-section of 24-hour alternatives to room service, including packaged gourmet take-out and meals that can be ordered in advance and picked up from the lobby, restaurant or market, so that they can be eaten anywhere travelers might want to take their tablet and their meal.”

Another option some hotels are considering includes 24-hour food marts. While you will most likely have other options for acquiring a meal after hours, nothing will ever be as convenient as room service. With these alternatives, you’ll have to physically go and pick up your order and take it back to your room.

The reasoning behind the change is understandable but you have to ask the question, is it still considered a luxury hotel if they eliminate room service? After all, it is one of the things that helped to make luxury hotels what they are today and it’s nice to know the option is there if you decide to use it.

How do you feel about having room service? If your favorite luxury hotel stopped offering this service, would you miss it? Would you still stay in a luxury hotel that didn’t offer it or look for another place to stay on your next luxury vacation?

Four Services Luxury Rentals Offer That You May Take for Granted

Miami Luxury Vacation RentalsWhen you book a room at a five star hotel or any other type of luxury vacation rental, there are a few things that you automatically expect to receive. Whether you’re vacationing in Miami or any other popular vacation destination, where you stay has a major impact on the overall experience. Luxury rentals offer you a place where you can relax and really enjoy your trip. After staying in one of these hotels, condos or villas, to name a few, you’ll never want to stay anywhere else again.

When you think of luxury rentals, you automatically think of gorgeous decor, luxury bedding, designer furniture and valet parking. Other things that come to mind are the amazing amenities and services these rentals have to offer such as beautiful pools with private cabanas, maid and butler services, private chefs, spas and fitness centers. You think of great locations close to everything and even amazing views from your balcony.

These are some of the big reasons to spend your vacation in a luxury rental but there are also many small ones. Here are a few things that most vacationers have come to expect from luxury rentals that many people never even think about, until they have to do without them.

The Great Food Options

One thing that many people take for granted is the great food options that luxury rentals offer. There is usually at least one if not two or three restaurants onsite, so you don’t have to leave the property to get something to eat. Luxury rentals also offer 24-hour room service so if you want something to eat in the middle of the night, you don’t have to leave your room and look for a restaurant that stays open all night or do without. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call room service.

Help With Your Bags

If you’re like most people, you dread carrying your bags to and from your room. It’s one of the downsides to traveling but you have to have your luggage to enjoy your vacation. When you stay in a luxury rental, you get full service. The porter will take care of the bags for you, escort you to your room and even give you a tour. You never have to worry about lugging your bags around once you arrive or when you’re ready to leave.

Access to Wi-Fi

This may not seem like a big thing at first, but try checking your Facebook page from your Smartphone while in your room only to find out you don’t have access to WiFi and it becomes a whole different story. Most people are used to being connected anywhere and anytime they want to be online and to have to go to a lounge or book a special room just to have access to the Internet is not only inconvenient but a big disappointment when you’re trying to have a great luxury vacation. In this article, The 2013 HotelChatter Hotel WiFi Report, HotelChatter talks about how important free WiFi is to all travelers.

The Friendly Service

The staff members that work at luxury rentals in South Beach and other vacation spots go out of their way to make you feel special. It’s one of the main reasons why they are so popular but when you’re used to being greeted with a smile and respect, you tend to expect it every time you travel.

Unfortunately, there are many places that don’t really care whether you’re happy with your stay or not and they don’t mind showing it. Spend the night in a regular hotel where the service is not so nice and you’ll begin to really appreciate the friendly service and hospitality luxury rentals provide.

When spending your vacation in a luxury rental, what are some of the things that you expect to have during your stay? Would you continue to book your stay at a luxury hotel, condo, etc that didn’t provide these services?

How Important Is a Good Night Sleep When On a Luxury Vacation

Going on a luxury vacation means different things to different people. Some people look forward to their vacation so they can spend as much time as possible running around doing all the exciting things they thought about all year long. Others look forward to getting plenty of rest at night while spending relaxing days sitting by the pool sipping on their favorite drink and reading a good book.

The hospitality industry caters to all vacationers no matter what you enjoy doing. On one hand, many hotels offer different activities for the guest to enjoy. You could never take part in them all in one short vacation trip so you always have plenty to do. On the other hand, they provide some of the most relaxing and comfortable beds in the world. They want to make sure that you completely enjoy your stay. Whatever way you want to spend your vacation, luxury hotels go out of their way to make it possible for travelers to have what they want.

Which Kind of Vacationer Are You?

Are you the type of vacationer who wants to get the most out of your vacation time? Do you only drop by your room to take a short nap in-between all the fun and excitement? Do you try to spend every moment possible taking advantage of your free time, thinking that you’ll catch up on your sleep when you get back home? If this describes you, then you probably don’t care much about the bedding.

If your idea of a fun and exciting vacation involve spending as much time sleeping as possible, then it’s a completely different story. When you look forward to going to bed early and getting a good night sleep so you can wake up refreshed the next morning, bedding becomes very important.

If you’re this type of vacationer then you may be interested in learning about ways some hotels are making an effort to make sure you get more quality sleep. In the article 11 Hotels That REALLY Want You To Get a Good Night’s Sleep, HotelChatter talks about the different services these hotels use to help ensure their guests gets a good night sleep. For example, the writer explains that “The Bryant Park offers a sleep mask in the mini bar and complimentary ear plugs…” and “The Waldorf offers a “Nighty Night for Children” in-room spa service for kids…” Would you use any of these services if they were available to you?

Everyone Can Enjoy a Luxury Bed

No matter how you choose to spend your vacation, it’s good to know that if you do want a good night sleep when vacationing, establishments like the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach and the Mandarin Oriental in Brickell have you covered. These luxury hotels take everything from the thickness of the mattress to the threat count of the sheets into consideration when choosing bedding.

The fabrics play a very important role in luxury bedding and pure Egyptian cotton, satins and silk are among the top choices used in hotels. Soothing colors and modern designs combined with the fine linens all work together to create a very comfortable and relaxing environment.

When you take a luxury vacation in Miami or any other city, book your stay in one of the many amazing luxury rentals that include villas, penthouses, condos and hotels to ensure you get the most from your stay. Even if you plan to spend most of your time on the go, you’ll still enjoy all of the amenities these hotels have to offer when you’re taking it easy. When you do rest, you’ll do so in style.


The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami: The Ultimate in Luxury and Relaxation

Imagine spending your vacation in a luxury rental hotel overlooking the gorgeous Biscayne Bay. Now imagine the hotel having a beautiful architectural design and artistic decor that captures your interest right from the start. Add in friendly, professional service and all the amenities you need to have a wonderful luxury vacation and you have the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.

Luxury Rentals Miami Beach is now offering a 2 bedroom bay view rental at the Four Seasons Hotel. This luxurious rental offers 1801 square feet of space and access to all the amenities this AAA, 5-Diamond hotel has to offer. You may also want to consider renting one of the long-term residences at the hotel if you’re planning on staying in Miami for awhile. It’s just like living in an apartment because these rentals include full kitchens, stylish decor and you have access to the pool, fitness center and all other services offered by the hotel.

It’s in a Prime Location

Location is everything when you’re on vacation because you don’t want to waste time traveling between destinations and The Four Seasons Hotel sits in a prime location. You’re right in the middle of everything. You can take a stroll on the beach, dine at some of the finest restaurants or check out some of the hottest nightclubs in Miami, all of which is just a short distance from the hotel.

The Architecture and Decor is Simply Beautiful

The 221 guestrooms that make up the Four Seasons Hotel combine European elegance with modern simplicity to create a unique and sophisticated environment that is perfect for all types of vacationers. This hotel is decorated with amazing sculptures and beautiful artwork all created between the sixteenth and ninetieth century that you have to see to believe.

It stands 70 stories high and has a tower made from glass and granite where you can see the reflections of the Biscayne Bay. In addition to its beauty, one thing that makes the Four Seasons Hotel so popular is that it has a little something for all visitors.

It’s a Couples Retreat

Are you searching for a romantic getaway with your special someone? This is the place to stay while on your luxury vacation in Miami. You can relax by the main pool located on the seventh floor terrace sipping on your favorite cocktail or take advantage of one of the complimentary cabanas where you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

Another option is to spend the day together enjoying a spa treatment to help rejuvenate your whole body. If you think the spa is just for women, think again. The spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami has several treatments for men that include the Gentlemen’s Facial treatment and the Zen body massage, which is specifically designed to help restore the male balance. Both of you will feel refreshed and ready for anything.

It’s Great for Families Too

The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami has just as much to offer families as it does couples. The spacious rooms make it easy for families to relax because you have space to move around freely. You don’t have to pay extra for your kids under the age of 18 and the hotel even offers babysitting services if you want to visit one of the nearby nightclubs. There’s also a pool suited for every age so the whole family can enjoy spending time swimming and soaking up the rays.

Hotel Amenities

The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami offers a wide variety of amenities from HD LCD TVs to wireless Internet service. The concierge service is excellent and you can even request housekeeping services so you can enjoy every minute of your vacation. All guests at the hotel have access to The Sports Club/LA where you can enjoy a great workout during your stay. The hotel also offers onsite restaurant(s) so you don’t have to leave the premises to enjoy fine dining and the furnishings is everything you would expect from a luxury hotel from the down pillows and duvets to the complementary bathrobes.