Don’t Let Remolding or Construction Sites Ruin Your Luxury Vacation

bigstock-Do-It-Yourselfer-45244675When you plan a luxury vacation, you imagine your visit to be a fun and relaxing one as you take a dip in the pool, spend the day being pampered in the spa or while sightseeing and enjoying the activities you have planed. However, when you’re unfortunate enough to end up staying near one of the many construction sites popping up all over the place, the wonderful vacation you had planned could turn into a big disappointment.

It’s not unusual to see hotels and other businesses closing off sections of their establishments for remodeling purposes and road construction seems to be everywhere, even at some of the most popular vacation destination spots. While the finished project may be a great improvement, it can be a real problem for vacationers while the new structures are built or repairs are made.

How Remodeling and Construction Sites Can Affect Your Vacation

Vacationers staying in a luxury rental while it is being renovated or where there is a major construction site nearby must deal with two major problems. First, the excessive noise is a problem that can ruin an otherwise good vacation. Who wants to listen to jackhammers or any other loud and annoying piece of machinery found at construction sites when you’re supposed to be relaxing and having a good time? You take a luxury vacation to enjoy some peace and quiet and to have fun, which is the opposite of what you’ll get if you end up staying in a rental surrounded by construction.

Second, you have to deal with the inconvenience that automatically goes along with construction sites. Depending on how close you are to the actual work site, you may have to deal with dust and debris flying about in the wind. This could be especially uncomfortable for anyone suffering from allergies and it can make enjoying outdoor activities such as sunbathing by the pool very uncomfortable.

Road construction makes it slow and difficult to travel to different destinations while on your trip. Even if you plan to walk to take part in your planned activities, it may take longer to get to where you’re going than normal because you may have to detour and go the long way around. In some cases, the construction could be blocking your view or access to the beach like the area talks about in the article Welcome to Miami Beach Where Construction is Everywhere.

The good news is that you don’t have to let remodeling projects and construction sites ruin your luxury vacation. Taking a few extra steps when planning your trip could save you a lot of headaches later.

Plan Early and Ask Lots of Questions

Anytime you travel, there’s a chance you’ll end up dealing with some type of construction at some point but planning your trip in advance and asking the right questions can help reduce the risks of having your trip ruined. Research the area before you start making reservations to see if any major construction projects are planned for the time you intend to visit.

When making your luxury condo rental reservation, you can also ask the representative if they know of any construction planned in that area for the time you intend to stay. Call back a few days before you plan to leave just to double check and make sure nothing has changed. This way, you’ll know what to expect before you leave home.

If you do end up staying in a luxury hotel, vacation rental condo or any other luxury mansion or luxury home rental and you know they’re remodeling or that a construction site is nearby, you can request a room as far away from the actual site as possible. This will cut back on the dust, debris and noise you’ll have to endure while you’re there. You don’t have to let remodeling projects or construction sites ruin your luxury vacation in Miami or anywhere else when you take the time to do your research and plan your trip in advance.

Luxury Vacation Rentals and WiFi Services

Miami Luxury RentalsWhen you take a luxury vacation, do you look for a rental with WiFi services? A short time ago, vacationers looked for rentals that offered a variety of entertainment options such as large flat screen TVs, stereos with surround sound and a variety of gaming options but over the last few years, things have changed. While having a variety of entertainment options is still important, the number of travelers looking for accommodations with WiFi has greatly increased.on to be connected. Many people feel a need to check their emails every few hours or they want to stay in touch on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, especially when they’re on vacation. This way, they won’t miss anything that’s going on at home and they can keep their friends updated on how their vacation is going.

Even though WiFi is one of the amenities many vacationers look for, you can’t just assume the hotel, condo or villa that you choose will offer this service or you might be very disappointed when you reach your destination. Not all luxury rentals provide WiFi and some only offer it in business centers or hotel lobbies, which is very inconvenient for families or couples who want to relax and use their personal devices to stay in touch with friends and families.

How Technology Has Changed

A few years ago, travelers carried laptops with them to stay connected but today, many devices are available that uses WiFi such as Smartphones, tablets and iPads. Most every adult and teen in the family has some type of device that has the ability to connect to the Internet. What’s more, just about everyone in the family needs access to WiFi in order to stay connected, so having a connection that can handle multiple devices is very important.

People have gotten used to having WiFi in their homes where everyone can be connected to the Internet at once and they expect the same thing when they go on vacation, especially when staying in a luxury rental.

In the article Technology Trends That Are Changing Hospitality by Bookassist, they talk about how WiFi is very important to travelers. The article states, “It is not an exaggeration to say that the lack of quality high speed wifi is an inhibitor to your business. At Bookassist, we see “wifi” and “free wifi” to be a dominant search term for our hotels online.” In other words, when travelers look for a place to spend their vacation, they look for hotels and other rentals that offer a good strong WiFi connection for multiple devices.

Should WiFi Services Be Free

While more and more luxury rentals in South Beach, Florida and other popular vacation destinations are recognizing the importance of providing WiFi, there is still much debate on whether this should be a free service or if guests should pay extra for it. Some luxury rentals do offer it free as part of the rental fee but many others charge guests extra to use it, so this is something else that you need to check before making your final arrangements.

After all, you are paying for luxury when you book your rental and since WiFi is considered a luxury that you don’t want to be without, it makes sense that it should be a part of the luxury package. How important is having WiFi services to you? When you take a luxury rental vacation, do you stay connected with your mobile devices?

Book the Villa Bella for Your Next Social Gathering

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 9.28.53 AMWhen you’re planning a wedding, family reunion or any other type of social gathering in Miami, consider booking the Villa Bella for your stay. Putting together any type of social gathering takes a lot of planning and coordinating to make sure everything goes smoothly, so finding the best accommodations for all the guests is a big relief.

Finding a place that’s big enough and that meets all of your needs when you have a large group of guests to entertain can be difficult but The Villa Bella is a great choice for any type of get-together. It has many amenities that will help to ensure your guests are entertained throughout your stay, whether you plan to spend one night or a few days.


A Little about Villa Bella

The Villa Bella is an estate located in Miami Beach with a pool house and a guesthouse that has its own kitchen and two bedrooms. This two-acre gated compound with majestic iron and mahogany gates was built in 1928. The villa has 18,000 square feet of space with 13 bedrooms and 12 baths. It’s the ultimate in luxury with comfortable furnishings, an entertainment room with surround sound, a dinning area and you’re sure to find the architecture to be exceptional.

When it comes to amenities, it has everything you need and more including a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, steam room and a gym where you can work out. When you choose this luxury rental in Miami Beach for your social gathering, you can take advantage of the babysitting service and you can even request a private chef for your stay.

Advantages of Staying at Villa Bella

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 9.29.15 AMIf you’re planning a wedding, you can have the ceremony and the reception on the beautiful grounds of the Villa Bella. Having everything in the same place will make it convenient for all your guests, which helps to ensure everything goes according to plan. This helps to relieve some of the stress, giving you more time to enjoy your big day.

If you’re planning a family reunion, there are many family fun and exciting things for all of you to do together during your stay. You can spend the day on the beach, visit the museum, go to the zoo or spend the day at the park. With so many different options available, there’s something for all of your guests to enjoy.

When everyone in your party stays at the Villa Bella, you get more chances to socialize than you would if everyone stayed in a hotel or chose their own accommodations. Instead of being scattered out all over Miami, everyone will be in the same place making socializing and having dinners together much easier. However, just because you are all in the same place, doesn’t mean that you’ll be crowded together because there is enough room available for everyone to have some space.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 9.29.28 AMYour guests can roam around the beautiful lush grounds with four fountains at their leisure or get together in the family room or dining room to talk. Other options include sitting by the pool or in the gazebo overlooking the water. Whatever you want to do, there is enough room for everyone to relax and be comfortable.

Privacy is another good reason to choose the villa for your social gatherings because only the people in your party will be there. You don’t have to worry about strangers overhearing your conversations or accidently waking into a private dinner.

The Villa Bella is a beautiful estate with many amenities that will help to ensure your special event goes according to plan. Your guests will be treated like royalty in this luxury rental villa and it’s sure to be an event they will never forget. This waterfront property is the perfect choice for any social gathering.

Luxury Vacation Traveling Tips for Fall and Winter

Luxury VacationPlanning a luxury vacation in the fall and winter is a little different from the spring and summer because the weather plays a major role in traveling but don’t let that discourage you from making travel plans. You just need to do a little extra planning around this time of year and prepare for the obstacles that may interfere with your plans.

Many people living in the colder regions long for a break from the ice and snow while those living in the southern regions may enjoy spending their vacations at a mountain resort. Whether you want to relax and feel the warm breeze on your face or enjoy the fun and excitement of skiing, snowboarding or cuddling up in front of an open fireplace with your loved one, these tips can help ease the stress of traveling in the fall and winter.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

When vacationing in the fall and winter months, it’s vital that you keep up with the weather no matter where you plan to travel. It may be sunny and warm in South Beach Miami but if you live in or plan to visit Chicago or some other northern state, snow and ice could hinder your travel plans.

Start checking the weather as early as you can but when viewing the long-range forecast, don’t take anything for granted because the weather changes constantly. Continue to keep an eye on things throughout the duration of your trip. You don’t want to pack up and head to the airport only to learn that your flight is delayed and you can’t get home due to a massive snowstorm.

If you know in advance, you’ll have time to make other arrangements. You may want to take an earlier flight to get home before the storm hits or extend your vacation until things are back to normal. Why spend your time sitting in an airport terminal when you could still be enjoying your stay at a luxury rental villa in Miami or wherever you choose to spend your vacation.

Research Your Options

Sometimes, it can be tempting to just pick a place and make plans to visit somewhere without really thinking it through but doing your research first can help make your luxury vacation a lot more enjoyable. Decide what you want to do on your vacation and then start checking out the different areas that offer the activities you want to enjoy while on your trip. Are you having a hard time deciding where to go for your vacation? Then check out this article from US News Travel that lists the 21 best US vacations to help give you some ideas.

Be Flexible and Patient

Taking a luxury vacation in the fall and winter does require you to be more flexible and patient than at other times of the year. You can run into delays anytime for many different reasons but traveling is more hectic and unpredictable during this time of year and you can usually expect more delays than normal.

You need to be flexible because you may have to postpone your trip for a few weeks or take your vacation earlier than planned due to weather. It’s also very possible that you could get stuck at an airport for hours or even days depending on where you’re traveling. You need to be flexible, have patience and be prepared for the unexpected and it will make the delays or changes easier to accept so you can still enjoy your vacation.

There are so many options for vacationing this time of year that you don’t want to miss out simply because traveling can be a little more hectic. So don’t hesitate to book a luxury rental in Miami or one for any other destination and use these tips to help ease the stress of traveling in the fall and winter.

Luxury Vacation Rental Tips for Dog Owners

Traveling PetsAre you one of the many dog owners who consider your pet part of the family? Do you enjoy taking your dog with you everywhere you go, including vacations? Then you know how important it is to make your arrangements in advance. However, if traveling with your pet is new for you, here are a few things you should be aware of before you leave home.

Not all luxury rentals will allow pets, so the first step is to double check and make sure the hotel, condo or villa where you plan to stay during your vacation is pet friendly before you make reservations. Places like The Setai, The Tides and the Ritz Carlton Hotels in Miami Beach are all pet friendly but many others are not so you don’t want to take anything for granted.

Once you’ve chosen a luxury rental for your vacation, here are a few tips that will help make traveling with your dog more enjoyable.

Know the Rules

Just because the vacation rental you choose allows dogs, doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly. There are rules and guidelines that you have to follow in order to enjoy a pet friendly rental. While each rental will have different policies regarding pets, some of the basic rules are the same. Your dog should be house trained, well mannered and sociable. If your dog barks excessively, management may ask you to leave or to take your pet to a kennel for the remainder of your stay.

Most places have a size and weight limit that is usually less than 50 pounds. If your pet is over the limit, they won’t let him stay or you may have to have it approved by management when you make your reservations. Most rentals also charge a refundable deposit and a non-refundable cleaning fee and some may ask you to sign a liability waiver before you check in, just in case your pet decides to chew on the furniture or bedding.

Some vacation rentals don’t allow you to leave your pet unattended even in your room but if allowed he should be in a crate. This way, if housekeeping goes in to clean, you won’t have to worry about your dog running out the door and wandering off. Nor will you have to worry about the staff upsetting your pet causing him to snap or bite. It’s also important that you clean up after your dog, especially when you take him for walks and be prepared to prove his shots are up-to-date.

Once you’ve worked out all the details and you’re sure your dog is well suited for traveling, here’s a little of what you can expect from luxury pet accommodations.

They Will Treat Your Dog like Royalty

When you stay in a luxury rental with your pet, you can expect them to receive special treatment too. Luxury vacation rentals go all out to make sure your four-legged friend are as comfortable as you are. You can expect soft, comfy pet beds, special treats and maybe even a toy for your dog. Some luxury rentals offer special pet services such as dog sitting, grooming, walking and believe it or not, some even offer doggie spa treatments.

When you stay in a pet-friendly luxury rental in Miami, you’ll find many places where your pet is welcome. This even includes some parts of the beaches where your dog can sit by your side while you soak up the sun, as long as he is on a leash.

As long as you make your plans in advance and follow the rules, you shouldn’t run into any problems. Find out all the details before making your reservations and when you call back to confirm your arrangements, it’s a good idea to double-check the details for your pet, too. When you know and abide by the rules, you can enjoy a wonderful luxury vacation with your furry friend.