2014 Luxury Travel Trend Forecast

Everyone deserves a break where you can relax and enjoy being pampered for awhile. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you take a luxury vacation but every year the travel industry changes to meet consumer demands and to stay in-line with new technology. Are you familiar with the travel trends forecast for 2014? You’ll see a few of the old 2013 trends mixed in with a few new ones in the upcoming year.

For example, travelers will continue to use the Internet to book flights and to make reservations at the luxury rental of their choice. However, new trends, such as the ones listed below, are expected to gain popularity in 2014.

Hiring Travel Advisors

There are so many wonderful places to go and things to do on a luxury vacation that you couldn’t possibility do them all, so travelers want to get the most from the vacations they do take. You can make this happen by researching the different destinations to find the perfect place to vacation and then making all of the arrangements from deciding how you want to travel to when you want to go.

The problem is, doing the research and making all the arrangements is time consuming. Even choosing one of the best luxury rentals in Miami or wherever you decide to visit while vacationing, will take time away from your busy schedule. The solution is to hire a travel advisor who can take your idea of the perfect luxury vacation and make it happen.

Even if you find the time to do the necessary research yourself to ensure you’re getting the most from your luxury vacation, you’ll have to go through loads of material associated with luxury travel in order to acquire the information you need. In fact, it’s so much information available that it can be a bit overwhelming, which makes it difficult to choose the best destinations for your vacations. After awhile, you may just pick somewhere to go just so you can move on, without completely researching it.

For these reasons, people are turning to travel advisors to sort through the tons of information and they use the data collected to help put together amazing travel plans. This personalized service is the beginning of many great vacations that you’ll always cherish.

More Eco-Conscious Travelers Expected

Luxury travelers are expected to pay more attention to the environmental impact they leave behind when traveling than ever before. This doesn’t mean that you can’t relax and enjoy the amenities offered by the luxury rental of your choice. It just means that many vacationers are checking to see if the hotel or other rentals they’re considering are making an effort to be more eco-friendly.

You can visit Travelmarket Report to see a few more suggestions relating to travel trends to watch for in 2014 that can change the way you travel but having more privacy is expected to be a big in the New Year, too.

Private Luxury Rentals Are On the Rise

When it comes to accommodations, it looks like more luxury vacationers will choose a private rental such as a villa or a mansion sitting on a private estate instead of a hotel. These rentals are more flexible than hotels and condominiums because you can choose anything from a romantic getaway for two to a large multi-bedroom rental designed for large families or groups. This flexibility allows travelers to plan the perfect vacation regardless of their needs.

A penthouse room offers the most privacy in a five-star hotel but it’s not as private as spending your vacation in a gated rental where no one else will be around unless you invite them. Everything is yours exclusively throughout your stay, so you won’t have to share that amazing pool with strangers.

These are just some of the trends you can expect to see in the New Year. Do you have a luxury vacation planed for 2014? What other kind of changes do you expect to take place in the upcoming year?

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Miami-Style

There are many reasons to spend your luxury vacation in Miami with the beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery at the top of the list but this popular city has so much more to offer. The holidays is a great time to visit Miami and the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebrations are some of the most exciting of all. There’s always something fun and exciting going on in Miami but they really know how to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

Many luxury hotels in Miami are hosting big New Year’s Eve parties where you can celebrate in style and then retire to your luxury room when the night ends. What better way is there to bring in the New Year than relaxing at a luxury hotel?

Here’s a sample of what some of the most prestigious hotels in Miami have planned for this year’s celebrations:

  • The Setai in Miami Beach Hotel– Enjoy good food and dancing while listening to live Latin-inspired entertainment in The Courtyard when you spend New Year’s Eve at The Setai’s “Havana Nights” party.
  • The Delano South Beach Hotel– The Delano is featuring live performance from The Weeknd, who will be providing a special poolside performance while partygoers count the hours down to the New Year.
  • The Ritz Carlton Hotel– Start your night with a four-course meal, open bar and champagne. After dinner, join in the New Year’s Eve pool party, enjoy premium cocktails and take advantage of the complimentary open bar offered between 8:30 to midnight. Be sure to wear your white attire for this one.

If you’re searching for a restaurant or nightclub where you can celebrate New Year’s Eve, SocialMiami.com New Year’s Eve Guide has a list of some of the most popular events taking place in the area. There are many public parties and concerts planned for this exciting night, so it’s easy to find something that suits your individual personality and preference.

While spending New Year’s Eve at a luxury hotel may be a dream come true for many people, there are still many other excellent ways to spend your time. Below are a few of the New Year’s Eve celebration options Miami has to offer throughout the city.

The Mansion

If spending your evening at a nightclub is the way you enjoy bringing in the New Year, then the Mansion in Miami is a great option. They’re known for their festive celebrations and they’re offering one-price VIP tables with unlimited bottles. You can enjoy one of the open bars that will be available all night long along with the complimentary champagne toast and a midnight light show.

The Bayfront Park Amphitheater

The Bayfront Park Amphitheater features live performances throughout the evening as the countdown to midnight begins. It’s free to take part in what’s often referred to as the largest New Year’s party in Miami and you’ll have a blast watching the fireworks as the Big Orange drops.

The New Year’s Eve “Jam on the Sand” Music Festival

If spending your holiday on the beach is your way of celebrating, then you don’t want to miss the big music festival located on the beach at Ocean Drive and 8th Street. The live bands start playing at 9 p.m. and ends at 2 in the morning. The city of Miami Beach will provide a fireworks display and it’s free to take part in the celebrations.

Miami really knows how to celebrate New Year’s Eve and who knows you may even run across a celebrity or two while you’re out celebrating. Many celebrities spend their holidays enjoying the luxury rentals and exciting activities that Miami has to offer this time of year.

Are you vacationing in Miami this New Year? How do you plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve?

Luxury Hotel Christmas Decorations: How Do You Feel about Them?

The Christmas season is filled with festivities and excitement and many people really go all out with their decorations. Decorating for Christmas is a tradition that’s fun and exciting and many people look forward to it all year long. We decorate our homes with flashing lights and all types of festive ornaments and Christmas themed displays.

But when you’re traveling on your luxury vacation, do you really want to be overwhelmed with Christmas decorations? When does decorating for the holidays become too much and how does it affect your vacation plans? Where should they draw the line or is this one of those things where the more you have, the better? It all comes down to a matter of opinion but one thing is for sure, when staying at one of the luxury rentals in Miami or anywhere else in the world, you’ll most likely see some type of Christmas decorations designed for your enjoyment.

Decorations You Can Expect to See

Most hotels decorate for the Christmas holidays and you can expect to see everything from a small, carefully decorated Christmas tree to all types of scenery that includes Santa clause, snowmen, reindeer and many festive lights adorning both the inside and outside of the establishment.

Some hotels go all out with their decorations like the one HotelChatter talks about in the article, OMG. JW Marriott Desert Ridge Has Unveiled a Life-Size Gingerbread Village. The writer says, “Hotels love building gingerbread houses for Christmastime but the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix has gone above and beyond with their first life-size, walk-through Gingerbread Village.”

Could you imagine walking through a life-size Gingerbread Village lining the hallway of your luxury hotel? It would be a unique experience to say the least.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Christmas Decorations

Luxury hotels all over the world will decorate using traditional decorations that include the fir trees, lights, icicles, snowflakes, candles and themed nativity scenes. You’ll see snowmen, Santa clause and the famous reindeer but not all luxury hotels will stick to the traditional decorations. They’ll also be a wide variety of non-traditional Christmas decorations that includes teddy bear trees or the Victorian theme that includes crystal glass, silver vessels and brass candle stands.

Regardless of how they decorate, all hotels have one thing in common. They have to decide how much to decorate and choosing the best decorations is a real challenge. They want to cater to all types of guests to make your stay a pleasant one, so it will be something you’ll always remember.

Why Do Hotels Go All Out for Christmas?

Many hotel managers seem to believe that it creates a homely environment for their guests. It gives you that home away from home feeling and no doubt, many people love the efforts that go into creating these amazing decorations. On the other hand, you have wonder if it’s all really necessary. Do the majority of people taking a luxury vacation during the Christmas holidays really care that much about seeing the extravagant decorations or would they be just as happy with something simple?

Is it possible that many guests simply look forward to a relaxing vacation in a luxury hotel where they can be pampered throughout their stay and while the decorations are nice, they don’t really mean that much? When you think about all the money these establishments put into decorating for the Christmas holidays and how much of the expense gets passed on to the guests, you have to wonder if it’s really worth it.

How do you feel about these hotel decorations? Do you think it’s a great idea and do you look forward to seeing them or would you be just as happy if they kept it to a minimum with just a tree and a few basic decorations?


Visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest While on Your Luxury Vacation in Miami

If you’re planning a luxury vacation in Miami this holiday season, then make plans to visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest. This is the largest Christmas themed amusement park in the world and it’s only open from October 31 to January 5, which makes it even more special. Thousands of people visit the park everyday throughout the Christmas season and it’s considered one of the most fun and exciting places to visit in Miami during this time year.

The Christmas music is fun and festive and there’s plenty of great food available for everyone to enjoy. The park features the tallest Christmas tree in South Florida and there’s literally hundreds of themed holiday displays located throughout the park. Kids and adults alike will have a great time at Santa’s Enchanted Forest and free Carnival because there is something for everyone to do, regardless of your age. Below are a few of the attractions you can enjoy when you visit the park.

Rides for All Ages

Santa’s Enchanted Forest has fun and exciting rides for all ages. The Ferris wheel and Santa’s Christmas train are two very popular rides designed just for little kids. Other rides for kids include the Wiggle Worm, Speedway Race Cars and the Frog Hopper, all of which offer lots of fun for the little ones.

The park also features a wide variety of family rides that include Bumper Cars, The Crazy Mouse, House of Mirrors, Haunted Mansion and the Tornado. There’s even several thrill rides for those seeking a little more excitement such as the Avalanche, Flipper, Dream Catcher, Space Roller, Windstorm, Techno Power and Vertigo.


Santa’s Enchanted Forest has over 100 attractions that include everything from live animal shows to games. Some of the most popular attractions include the Petting Zoo, an Inflatable Playground, Paintball and a maze for children. You’ll also find a variety of games such as Balloon Dart and Speed Pitch along with a number of adventure activities such as wall climbing, bungee jumping and the Slingshot.

Special Services

To help make every visit a pleasant experience for everyone, the park offers a few special services to make things more convenient. You can rent electric scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs for adults and children with disabilities. You can also rent strollers and wagons for children to make maneuvering through the park easier.

Park Details

Santa’s Enchanted Forest is located at 7900 SW 40th Street and the directions to the park are easy to follow. The park opens every day at 5pm and closes at midnight. You can buy tickets online or at the front entrance and the park rides and Carnival are included in the entrance price, so you don’t have to waste time buying tickets for each ride separately.