Miami Is One of the Top Luxury Vacation Destinations in the US

Top Luxury VacationPeople travel from all over the globe to spend time in this beautiful city. It has everything you could ever want in a vacation spot from sandy beaches to some of the best luxury vacation rentals in the world. From five star hotels to luxury villas of all sizes, there’s a luxury rental perfectly suited for your needs.

You even have the option of staying in a short or long-term luxury rental if you’re planning an extended stay in the city. This is perfect for anyone that wants to stay in Miami for a while until they decide if they want to move to the area permanently or for anyone that just wants a change of scenery for a few months.

Miami Has a Lot to Offer Its Visitors

On top of having some of the finest accommodations in the world, Miami has an assortment of attractions that include museums, a Seaquarium, Zoos, parks, beaches and don’t forget about the Everglades that offer some of the most exciting adventures you can imagine.

You’ll also find an assortment of four and five star restaurants that serve some of the finest cuisine you’ve ever tasted. If you ever wanted to try a variety of foods from different cultures, this is the place to be. The entertainment options and exciting nightlife is another thing that attracts vacationers to the area. One thing is for certain, you’ll never be bored no matter how many times you visit.

The fact that Miami Florida has everything you could want when on a luxury vacation, helps to make the city one of the top luxury destinations in the US and that is not expected to change anytime soon. As a result, Miami is also a great location for investors associated with the luxury industry to consider when looking for a place to expand their business.

Investors Love Miami

Miami is an amazing place with tropical like weather, beautiful beaches and an abundant of activities and attractions to enjoy. It also has a unique and diverse culture to explore. From a business standpoint, it’s an excellent place to invest. It has everything that makes a city great and on top of that, Miami knows how to do luxury. Whether you’re searching for an exciting adventure you’ll never forget or you just want to be pampered for awhile, you can enjoy your stay in Miami.

It’s no surprise that businesses, especially those in the luxury hospitality industry like the one that takes about in this article, COMO Hotels Opens Its First U.S. Property in a Historic 1930s Miami Beach Building, are investing in property in Miami.

The writer says “COMO Hotels and Resorts, the Singapore-based luxury hospitality company that owns the famed Parrot Cay in the Turks & Caicos, is gearing up to open its very first U.S. property later this month. ”. This is a big deal for Miami and shows that the city is thriving, which attracts more visitors and investors to the area.

Miami is full of amazing real estate so before you make an investment, do some research on the area to learn about all of your options. Choose a realtor that you know and trust to help you look for the real estate in or around Miami that would suit your needs best. He can do all the legwork for you and narrow down your options to a few good selections and then you can visit and make a final decision.

As long as investors continue to make investments and vacationers continue to choose this city for their destination, Miami will continue to be one of the top luxury vacation destinations in the US.


What to Know Before You Sign a Vacation Rental Agreement

Miami house“Vacation, all I ever wanted!” goes the chorus to the popular tune released by The Go-Go’s in 1982. For hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans who abide by the typical 9-to-5 workday cycle, it might as well be a theme song. That’s why vacation rentals have become such a popular means of getting away for workers who remain cooped up in offices for five days out of every week.
There are dozens of different vacation options for employees (and their families) to choose from, even including renting out beach-side mansions on the coast and enjoying the peaceful, scenic views of the natural world. With every kind of vacation property, though, comes an official rental agreement that must be signed by the renter (you) and the owner or agency in charge of operating the luxury homes for rent. It’s important to read this document closely in order to avoid any surprise fees or other costs when it comes time to send off the payment. Here, keep these quick mansion rentals tips in mind when you’re planning your next vacation:

Understanding What The Contract Means
It’s important for you, the renter, to view this agreement as a legal contract. Look at it the same way you’d look at any lease agreement between an apartment landlord and the tenant. When it comes to mansion rentals and other types of high-end luxury rentals, this is some seriously profitable real estate we’re talking about. Flaking out at the last minute might just cost you your deposit and then some — with the majority of that extra bit coming from legal fees from battling a lawsuit. Always take anything you sign very, very seriously.

Understanding What It Doesn’t Mean
Because you signed it, that’s your name that comes up when the owners or agency discovers some kind of problem after you’ve moved out. In other words, just because you allowed some friends to come down and use it while you went back home for a few weeks doesn’t absolve you from any damage that might have occurred while you were away. By signing any kind of legally binding agreement for short term rentals, you’re taking on the full weight of the responsibilities toward caring for that particular piece of property.

Abiding By All The Rules
The most fundamental rule of any type of mansion rentals situation is that this place is not your home. For a few days, it’s going to feel like home, but it doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the company or private individual who owns it, and they have the ability to set rules that you must abide by as part of the agreement to vacation there. There might be rules regarding pets, smoking, pool use and other property-specific pieces of information. Always consult these plenty in advance so you can do everything you can to follow them intently.

All things considered, this is your vacation we’re talking about. Make it memorable by choosing the right location, but always remember to follow the rules of the vacation home you’re renting out for the duration of your stay. After all, if a vacation’s all you ever wanted, don’t let it get away!

Use a Travel Agency to Plan Your Luxury Vacation in Miami

Luxury Vacation in Miami Are you looking forward to your next luxury vacation but dreading all the hassles of planning everything and making reservations? If you use a qualified travel agency, you can bypass all the aggravation and skip right to having all the fun. When you use a travel agency, they will assign you an agent that will set up a meeting at your convenience to discuss what kind of vacation you hope to have.

During this time, you’ll tell them when and where you want to go and some of the things that you want to do while on vacation. After gathering all of the information, your agent will begin planning your luxury vacation. Not having to deal with all the stress and aggravation of planning your vacation is one of the main benefits but using a travel agency has so much more to offer as you can see below.

It Saves You Time

Planning a luxury vacation takes a lot of time and research. There’s more to it than deciding where you want to go and when you want to leave. There are reservations to make and activities to plan. A travel agent will take care of all the planning from booking your luxury rental in Miami to making reservations for dinner at your favorite restaurant.

No detail is too small for your agent to handle and he will take care of everything in an efficient and professional manner. He can even offer you advice on what to pack based on where you’re going, when you’re traveling and the type of activities you plan to take part in while you’re there. He can also give you suggestions on how to prepare to go on vacation, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of personal details right before you go.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind

You take luxury vacations to get a break from all the stress and aggravation but sometimes, things go wrong. Sometimes, the hotel overbooks and they don’t have the room you reserved six months ago, there is a mix-up with your flight arrangements or the car rental agency doesn’t have the car available you reserved. If you plan your luxury vacation yourself, then you have to deal with any problems that occur. You are the one that will be on the phone trying to get things straightened out.

However, if you use a travel agency to plan your vacation and make all the arrangements, your agent will take care of things for you. They don’t just make your reservations and wish you good luck. Your agent will be available throughout the duration of your trip to make sure things run smoothly or at the very least, to solve any problems that do arise concerning your travel plans, accommodations or planned activities.

Their Experience Is Invaluable

Another benefit of using a travel agent is the fact that they have lots of experience planning luxury vacations. It’s what they do for a living and most agents have done a considerable amount of traveling themselves, so they know what to expect. They train, attend classes and seminars and earn certifications that qualify them to handle your plans in a professional manner.

They have experience working with airlines, car rentals and luxury rental agencies and many other professionals that can help ensure you have the vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year. They listen to what you want and expect from your vacation and use their expertise to put together the perfect plan for you and your family. A travel agency can also offer you special vacation packages that can make your trip even more enjoyable and give you options that you may not have even thought of before.

Using a travel agency to plan your Miami luxury vacation makes it possible for you to get all the details worked out, without having to deal with all the stress. This type of personal service can help ensure your vacation goes according to plan so you can concentrate on having a good time.

Miami Luxury Vacation Rentals are for Residents, Too

Many times when you plan a luxury vacation, you think about traveling to a different state or country to enjoy your time off work. While traveling around has many wonderful perks and there are so many exciting places to visit, sometimes you don’t have to go far to enjoy some of the finest luxury rentals and attractions found in the US. This is the case for anyone living in or around Miami.

The New Year is a great time to explore new ideas and try new things, so if you live in this area and you’ve always traveled to different locations for your luxury vacation, why not plan to stay close to home and check out some of the luxuries other vacationers travel so far to enjoy?

As a Miami resident, you know exactly what the weather is like and when the best time of year to take your vacation would be, based on what you enjoy doing. Therefore, you have an advantage when planning your vacation. Here are some more of the benefits you can enjoy when you vacation in your own hometown.

Luxury Rental Options Are Everywhere

From hotels to villas, there are so many different luxury rentals available that you can always find the perfect one. Do you want to spend your vacation lounging around the pool and enjoying a nice body massage from the spa in a five star hotel?

Perhaps you prefer to spend some quiet time alone with your partner in a luxury villa designed just for the two of you. These luxury rental options and everything in-between are available in Miami. For this reason, finding a place to spend your vacation that suits your specific needs is easy.

There’s So Many Fun and Exciting Things to Do

From the gorgeous beaches to the assortment of fine restaurants and exciting Miami attractions, there are many different things to do in Miami. Believe it or not, many residents often need to take a vacation just to enjoy some of them. This may sound a bit silly because you would think that anyone living in the area would automatically take advantage of all the exciting things to do but that’s not always the case.

Many people stay so busy with their daily lives that they don’t have time to enjoy things that tourists travel from across the globe to see. If you fall into this category, you’re really missing out on so much fun and enjoyment. However, when you book your vacation at one of the many luxury rentals in Miami, you’ll finally get to see what attracts so many visitors to the area.

You’ll Have Less Stress to Deal With

Traveling aboard offers new scenery and many exciting adventures but you have to admit traveling long distances can also be very stressful. All the planning, making arrangements and hoping that everything goes according to plan can be very hectic and even annoying.

Depending on what time of year you’re taking your vacation and where you plan to visit, you also have to worry about being stranded at the airport due to bad weather. In addition, not knowing exactly what to expect on your trip can be very stressful for many vacationers.

When you take your luxury vacation in Miami, it greatly reduces the stress levels so you can relax and enjoy every minute of your free time. If something does go wrong, it won’t take you long to return home if necessary.

Miami vacation luxury rentals are for residents, too and it’s time that you took advantage of them. Book your stay at one of the luxurious hotels, rent a condo or stay in a villa with all the amenities for the vacation of a lifetime. Once you’ve got a taste of what tourist experience when they visit, who knows, you may never want to travel too far away from home again.