The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Opens a New Restaurant

Happy Owner Of A Café Showing Open SignThere are many reasons to visit Miami for your luxury vacation but now you have another one. The Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel has recently opened the La Mar by Gaston Acurio Restaurant. As you may have already guessed, this is no ordinary restaurant but before getting into the details, you should know a little about the hotel itself first.

The Mandarin Oriental is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Miami, Florida. Guests have the option of relaxing on the private beach or exploring the exciting nightlife of downtown Miami just minutes away. The rooms are gorgeous with premium bedding and stylish décor that incorporates the Asian heritage into the design. Rooms also include private balconies where guests can sit and admire the view of the Biscayne Bay or beautiful Miami skyline.

The customer service at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is extraordinary and the staff is happy to assist you anyway they can. They want to make your luxury vacation one of the best experiences you’ve ever had. They welcome kids and show it by offering a variety of complimentary accessories that include cribs and diaper genies for younger children. They even offer babysitting services and they’ll put together a welcome kit for your children if you supply the hotel with their ages before you arrive.

You never have to leave to enjoy delicious meals because the hotel has several restaurants with special menus for the kids and they do offer room service if you prefer to stay in to eat. Of course, now you can add the Chef Gaston Acurio Restaurant to the list of hotel eating establishments that offer delicious food and breathtaking scenery.

Who Is Chef Gaston Acurio

For those of you who have never heard of Chef Gaston Acurio, you may not realize how big this news is, so here’s a little information about the chef. Gaston Acurio is a celebrity chef who is well known for having many talents but he is most famous for his restaurants, which are located all across the globe. Acurio was born in Lima, Peru and he’s known as the “ambassador of Peruvian cuisine”.  Now that you know a little about the man behind the restaurant, here’s what you can expect when you visit.

What to Expect at the La Mar by Gaston Acurio Restaurant

The La Mar by Gaston Acurio, as the name implies, is a Chef Gaston Acurio restaurant featuring the celebrity chef’s acclaimed Peruvian cuisine. You’ll notice the excitement in the air the second you walk into the restaurant and you’ll love the view of bay or skyline. You’ll have a choice between the indoor or outdoor waterfront seating while you enjoy authentic Peruvian dishes prepared by executive Chef Diego Oka, who has worked with Acurio for over ten years.

There are three bars within the restaurant and each one offers a different culinary experience, so you’ll want to visit the restaurant more than once while on vacation. Relax and enjoy Peruvian cuisine like you’ve never tasted it before along with a variety of specialty cocktails.

Miami is known for its warm weather, beautiful scenery and diverse cultures. It’s an amazing place to visit with many fun and exciting activities to take part in, along with many interesting attractions to see but this city has so much more to offer. It’s one of the top luxury vacation destinations for a reason. The hotels and other luxury rentals in this area strive to make your vacation the best possible and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is no exception.

It was already one of the most popular hotels in the city and now, with the addition of the La Mar by Gaston Acurio Restaurant, it’s sure to climb even higher in ratings. Have you ever stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Miami? How was your experience?


Tips for Buying Luxury Real Estate in Miami

luxury rentals miamiIf you’re in the market for luxury real estate, Miami Florida is an amazing place to buy. It’s one of the top vacation destinations in the world and thousands of travelers visit the area every year. Miami has everything you could want when searching for property such as warm tropical weather, amazing attractions, exciting nightlife, five star restaurants and so much more.

The first thing you need to do when looking for real estate is to determine where in Miami you want to buy property. For example, you can choose South Beach, Miami Beach or the city and each one of these areas is an excellent place to live or vacation. Think about how you enjoy spending your time the most and that will help you decide which area is best for you.

Contact Luxury Rentals Miami Beach and we would be glad to assist you with any real estate needs. We are Florida Licensed Real Estate Brokers and specialize on Luxury Properties.

Take your time and research the different areas just to make sure you have all the information needed to make a good informed decision. After doing your research and deciding which location suits your needs the best, the next step is to set up a meeting with your financial advisor.

Talk to Your Financial Advisor

Many things will affect your finances including the economy, so it’s never a good idea to invest in any kind of property without first discussing it with your financial advisor. To ensure you make a good financial decision when buying your luxury real estate, sit down with your advisor and go over your finances carefully. She can help you determine what price range to look for and help to ensure the investment will not put a strain on your finances.

She will need to know the exact location where you want to invest and what type of property you’re interested in buying. For example, do you want a condo or house, how many rooms do you need and do you want a pool or Jacuzzi? The more information you provide, the easier it will be for your advisor to help you determine if this is the right time for you to buy a luxury rental in Miami. If you determine this is a great time to buy, then you have a few more decision to make before you start searching for your new luxury real estate.

Determine How You Plan to Use the Property

When buying luxury real estate, you need to have a purpose in mind. Do you plan to move to the new location to live permanently or are you looking for a vacation home so when you visit Miami, you have your own place to stay instead of renting? If you plan to use it for a vacation home, do you plan to rent it out when you’re not using it? Who will maintain the property when you’re not there? Do you plan to hire a real estate agent to take care of the property for you? These are some of the main things you need to consider before you actually buy luxury rental property.

If you do plan to use a real estate agency to take care of your property for you when you’re not in the area, you’ll need to start looking at your different options early. You will depend on the agency you choose to take care of your property and to handle all of the details when renting out your luxury vacation home. It’s vital that you find a company you can trust, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not things are being handled professionally.

Miami is an excellent place to invest in luxury real estate and there are many options available. Take your time and look around for the right property that fits your needs perfectly but before you make the investment, meet with your financial advisor. Following these tips will help to ensure you’re happy with your luxury real estate investment.


Want Convenience and Luxury on Your Vacation? Get a Vacation Homes Rental

vacation homes rentalIf you’re going on vacation soon, and you’re getting sick of staying in the same hotel, it may be time to upgrade the quality of your vacation. Ever hear of a home away from home? You can have just that on your next trip. Renting a house for the duration of your stay can be more cost-effective than staying in a hotel, especially if you have many family members or friends who are coming with you. By working with a vacation homes rental company, you can have everyone under the same roof, coordinate your trip easily together, and save money on accommodations for everyone. And if you prefer something a bit fancier, you can also vacation in style with various luxury house rentals.

Taking a vacation but money is still a concern? If you want a great vacation but have to stick to a budget for you and your family, vacation homes rentals are a fantastic option. No matter what size family you have, you can find vacation rentals in everything from condos to multiple bedroom homes. Also, with a vacation home, you get all the convenience of your own house. Worried about paying for meals out during your vacation? You don’t have to be with a rental home. You have a kitchen at your disposal to prepare easy meals for the whole family. Other amenities in rental homes can include modern bathrooms, laundry facilities, and any customization provided by your rental company.

Do you prefer to travel in style? If you have a bit extra to spend and you want a vacation to remember, finding luxury homes for rent for your vacation is the perfect way to have a one-of-a-kind vacation. Everything from villa rentals to mansion rentals are available, and many have great locations depending on where you’re visiting, such as beachfront property. Luxury rentals are also great if you have a large gathering staying together, such as a wedding or reunion, and you want everyone under the same roof. These spots also make the perfect location for a romantic getaway for two.

Whether you prefer vacationing in luxury or you are looking for cost-efficient housing for your family during a stay away from home, vacation homes rentals are an excellent way to make the most of your vacation. With a variety of options, you won’t have to worry about noisy hotels, long check-in lines, and parking garages. You get the freedom and luxury you have in your own home, and with a vacation rental home, you and your family will want to come back year after year.

Spend Your Luxury Vacation in a Mansion

Vintage Mansion - Coffee AreaWhen planning your next luxury vacation, consider booking a stay in a mansion instead of a luxury hotel. Many luxury travelers never consider spending their vacations in a mansion but these private luxury rentals offer a different type of experience that you won’t get with any other type of rental. These beautiful estate homes have everything you need to make your stay one you’ll never forget.

When you stay in a luxury mansion, you’re staying at a private estate and the only other guests around are the ones that travel with you. Therefore, these private rentals offer you a place to spend your vacation in style and complete privacy.

When visiting Miami you’ll find several luxury rentals options to choose from, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs perfectly. You can look for rentals big enough for large groups or private villas that are perfect for a romantic get-a-way with your loved one. It all depends on what you’re looking for so take some time to do your research and check out your different options. Below are three excellent choices that will help you get started with your search.

W. San Marino

The W. San Marino is a beautiful estate with three bedrooms and three baths. It’s very spacious with 3,200 square feet so everyone will have enough room to move around comfortably. As an added bonus, 100 square feet of it sits on the water so you can relax and enjoy the open bay view.

It also has a gourmet kitchen, a one-car garage and a guesthouse with one bedroom and one bath on the property. This extra room is great when you’re traveling with a group of friends and you need more space or privacy. The estate also includes a gorgeous pool, concierge service and housekeeping is available upon request.

Historic Villa Cinthia

Located in South Beach, the Historic Villa Cinthia is a gorgeous home with three bedrooms and three baths, a den and a guesthouse with one bedroom and one bath. The architecture is beautiful with arched windows, high ceilings, wood flooring and rich tapestry. There are many ways for you to spend your time such as relaxing in the big backyard or sitting on the balcony sipping your favorite beverage.

You can also go for a swim in the heated pool or take a long walk along the beach. Security and concierge services are available and upon request you can have housekeeping, babysitting services, butler service and a private chef. All of which makes this luxury rental one of the best in the area.

Villa Ivonne

You’ll find this luxury rental located on Hibiscus Island about five minutes from the beach. This private estate is gorgeous on the inside and the outside. On the outside, you’ll find tropical plants, a Spanish inspired fountain and a winding garden of palm trees. You can even enjoy the beautiful scenery while relaxing on the terrace or the dock. This spacious home is beautifully decorated and it includes a pool, Jacuzzi and a boat dock. Security and concierge services are available and you can request housekeeping if needed.

Different mansions have different amenities so when looking for the right place to spend your vacation, consider your specific needs. For example, how many people are you traveling with, what kind of amenities are you searching for and how close do you want to be to the ocean?

Staying in a private rental has many advantages over other rentals. In addition to offering more privacy, they’re the perfect choice when you’re traveling with a large group. Everyone can have their own bedroom and bath but there are many areas inside and out where you can socialize and have fun together.

Planning a Luxury Vacation with Kids

luxury vacation with kidsPlanning a luxury vacation with kids is a little different than going alone but with careful planning everyone can have a great time. Having kids does not mean that you can no longer spend your vacation relaxing while being pampered. It just means that you have to do things a little differently. The key to a great luxury vacation with kids is the planning. You can’t just go and make last minute decisions as to how you’ll spend your time because it’s too stressful with kids and things can get out of hand very quickly.

Instead, you need a schedule outlining how to spend your luxury vacation from the time you arrive, until you’re ready to head home. Of course, this schedule is not written in stone. When you have kids, things don’t always go according to plan and you’ll most likely have to make some changes to it as you go. Therefore, you also have to be flexible and exercise patience throughout your trip.

Still, having a plan will help you stay somewhat organized and give you a good idea of how to spend your time while on your luxury vacation. When creating your plan, make three separate categories starting with some family activities.

Plan Your Family Activities

The age of your kids will be a major factor in what activities you plan so the main thing is to make sure you choose something everyone can enjoy. For example, if everyone in the family enjoys spending time on the beach, then choose a W. South Beach hotel or one at Miami Beach where you’re within walking distance to the beach.

If your family enjoys adventure, perhaps a tour of the Everglades either by foot or by airboat would be a great option. As long as you’re planning activities that everyone in your family can enjoy, it won’t really matter what you do. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

Schedule Some Time for Relaxing

Don’t think that you have to be doing something the whole time you’re on vacation because you don’t. It’s vital that you schedule in some time for relaxing. Otherwise, everyone, including yourself will begin to get a little grumpy. The whole point of a luxury vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself so don’t try to run yourself and your kids to death staying busy every waking moment.

Take some time to enjoy the luxuries that go along with staying in a luxury rental. Relax and watch a movie on your flat screen TV or catch up on some much-needed sleep wrapped up in the luxury bedding. Sit by the pool and sip on your favorite drink or spend some time in the spa. There are many ways to relax and enjoy your vacation, so take advantage of some of them.

Plan Some Alone Time

A luxury vacation wouldn’t be complete without some time alone and when you choose one of the South Beach Miami vacation rentals that offers babysitting services, you can enjoy your alone time without worry. Even if you have older kids, you still don’t want to leave them without supervision and the babysitting company can provide appropriate care for your children based on their age.

Taking a family luxury vacation together can be very enjoyable when you plan ahead. This gives you time to do your research and find the rentals that offer the type of luxuries you’re looking for near the activities you want to enjoy. Don’t forget to schedule in some alone time for you and your spouse and some time for rest for everyone. Planning in advance can help you plan a wonderful luxury vacation that all of you will remember for many years.