Schedule Your Next Business Meeting in Miami

Midday View At Ocean Drive In Miami Beach With Art Deco ArchitecWhen you think of visiting Miami, you think of spending a lovely vacation lying on the beach soaking up the sun but it’s also a very popular place to conduct business. Executives from all over the world meet in Miami to discuss business matters. It’s an excellent location when doing business with foreign clients because of the diversity this city has to offer.

There is nowhere else quite like Miami in the U.S. and it certainly can help make your business meetings go more smoothly. When meeting with clients and potential business partners, your goal is to make a good impression and close deals. You can do that better when you lighten the mood and create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where everyone can relax and have a good time. That is the type of environment that you’ll find in Miami and it’s one of the main reasons why this city is such a popular area for business meetings.

You Have Many Options When Scheduling Your Next Business Meeting in Miami

There are times when you need to sit in a conference room and conduct business in a formal manner. However, there are also times when an information setting will help you achieve your goals much faster and easier. It all depends on who you’re meeting with and what type of business you’re taking care of.

Sometimes, taking your clients out for a drink is appropriate and appreciated and you certainly have a wide variety of bars and pubs to choose from in Miami. Other times, you can close deals better when discussing business over a meal and Miami has many amazing restaurants to choose from with the perfect atmosphere for talking business.

Some of the most popular restaurants in Miami include the following:

  • Capital Grille– Located in the heart of Miami, they are known for having the best steaks in the city.
  • Tobacco Road– Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a cheeseburger, fries and a beer and they have some of the best around. You can also enjoy your meal while listing to live blues music.
  • Café Prima Pasta– If you enjoy great Italian food, this restaurant is for you. The food and environment is excellent.
  • Azul– Overlooks the Biscayne Bay and is well known for having the best wine list in the city.
  • Tropical Chinese– It’s difficult to find authentic Chinese cuisine but you won’t find a place that does it better than this restaurant.

Of course, these are just a few of the many options you have to choose from but it gives you an idea of the diverse culture and great restaurants located throughout Miami.

The Luxury Rental Options Are Amazing

The heart of downtown Miami is where most business is conducted but Miami Beach also sees its share of executives. It really doesn’t matter where in Miami you choose to stay because you have a wide range of luxury rentals to choose from throughout the city that offers special amenities.

Here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach, we take pride in helping business travelers find the perfect accommodations based on your specific needs. We have a wide variety of luxury rentals to choose from that includes everything from hotels with conference rooms to mansions with enough rooms to house everyone together in one place throughout your stay.

Regardless of where you stay, in between conducting business there are many excellent ways to spend your free time, which is another reason why so many people choose to set up their business meetings in Miami. You can see the sights, take a walk on the beach or spend your time relaxing in your luxury rental.

Having this much variety in one place gives you a break and it helps you to stay focused so you can put forth your very best efforts when taking care of business. The fresh air, beautiful scenery and magnificent weather also help to put everyone in a good mood, which is another reason to schedule your next business meeting in Miami. You can accomplish so much more when everyone is happy.

South Beach Miami Bars

Patio On BeachSouth Beach Miami is a popular tourist spot in the U.S. and it’s well known for its fun and exciting nightlife. In fact, bar hopping is one of the main reasons why many travelers choose to vacation in Miami. There are so many different options available that you can easily find the type of music and environment you’re used to but with so much variety, you can also try different things.

You may find that you enjoy different types of music that you’ve never paid much attention to before. That’s one of the great things about bar hopping at South Beach. You can experience so many different types of bar environments that it makes your vacation one you’ll always remember.

If your idea of a great luxury vacation includes bar hopping, chugging beer, downing shots and listening to great music, then South Beach Miami is for you.

Five Great South Beach Miami Bars

One thing that makes Miami a popular vacation spot is its diversity and you’ll notice that when you check out the different types of bars in the South Beach area. However, the wide variety of options can make it difficult to decide where to go. Since you probably won’t have enough time to visit them all, below are five of the most popular bars in the area to help you get started.

  1. The Lost Weekend– This is a large sports bar with HDTVs, a digital jukebox, 5 pool tables, Foosball tables and even a few video games. They also serve subs and pizza, which goes great with the variety of beers they serve.
  2. Mac’s Club Deuce– Many celebrities like Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz have enjoyed drinks in this bar while listening to classic music. The environment is fun and friendly making it a great place to drink the night away.
  3. Ted’s Hideaway– If you want to mingle with the locals, this is a great bar with excellent food, pool tables and big screen TVs. The causal environment is relaxing and you can always expect friendly service.
  4. The Broken Shaker– When you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere where you can relax and have a few drinks with your friends, this is it. You can even enjoy ping-pong and playing a variety of board games to help keep you entertained.
  5. The Regent Cocktail Club– This bar and lounge offers a bit of sophistication and charming atmosphere where you can enjoy excellent Jazz music and classic cocktails.

Of course, these are just a few of the bars you’ll find at South Beach. There are many more options available.

What Makes the Bars In South Beach So Popular?

One of the main things that probably attract so many partygoers is the wide variety of bars located all through South Beach. Many of the luxury hotels even have excellent bars such as The Rose Bar inside of the Delano Hotel, which is both glamorous and relaxing. Finding the perfect hotel for your luxury vacation is also easy and here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach, we can match you to the perfect hotel for your stay.

It doesn’t matter what type of music you like best, you can find a bar where you can sit back and enjoy Latin, rock, hip hop and Jazz music, to name a few. You can spend your vacation in a dive bar where blue jeans are proper attire or a cocktail lounge where formal wear is more acceptable. You can even enjoy a combination of all the different environments, as go you bar hopping through South Beach Miami.

In addition to the many different types of bars located in South Beach, all of them offer friendly service and many of them don’t have cover charges, so you can get in free anytime. Some bars even offer theme nights where you can have a different experience depending on which night you go. All of this is what makes South Beach Miami bars a popular attraction for vacationers.

The Pool Is an Important Part of Any Miami Luxury Vacation

Portrait of happy African American parents with son in swimmingIf you’re like many people, you love lounging around the pool when you’re on your luxury vacation. There’s just something special about lying next to the pool and soaking up the rays with your favorite drink in hand. It also feels great to dive in and cool off when the sun begins to feel a little too hot. For these reasons, it would probably be safe to say that for most people, the pool is a very important part of any Miami luxury vacation.

It would be very disappointing to book your stay at a luxury rental expecting to spend much of your time at the pool, only to discover its nothing like the picture you saw online. If the pool or the area around it is too small to accommodate all the guests, overcrowding is a big problem that can ruin your vacation.

Other problems vacationers have ran into in the past include pools being closed for renovations or cleaning and some don’t provide any type of shade where you can get out of the direct sunlight while still being near the pool. The best way to ensure you’re happy with the pool at your luxury rental is to do your research before you go.

Hotels with the Best Pools for Your Miami Luxury Vacation

If you’re looking forward to spending a big part of your vacation lounging around the pool, then you want to make sure you’re not disappointed. Do your research and read reviews to find out what others have to say about the pools at the different rentals available in Miami. This will help you find the one best suited for you.

To help you get started on your search, below are three luxury hotels with a reputation of having some of the best pools in Miami.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton– The pool is designed in a cross-shape and it’s large enough for guests to enjoy a good swim. It’s elevated for easy access and you can take advantage of the private day beds with a great view of the ocean.
  2. The Setai- This hotel offers three infinity pools with different temperatures designed to suit all types of guests. For privacy you can rent one of the many cabanas surrounding the area and there are plenty of lounge chairs with umbrellas for shade and shrubby for privacy.
  3. The Delano Hotel– Here you can relax and enjoy the beautiful 7,000 square foot pool area while you watch the palm trees sway overhead and listen to the DJs play music. The pool is surrounded by lounge chairs and some of them have umbrellas for extra shade.

All three of these hotels are located next to the ocean so if you get tired of lounging around the pool, you can take a walk on the beach.

Practice Pool Safety

While lounging around the pool is fun and relaxing, be sure to practice pool safety to ensure you have a wonderful luxury vacation. Don’t let kids go to the pool area alone and if your favorite drink contains alcohol, don’t swim alone. Using sunscreen and monitoring your time in the sun is also recommended. You don’t want to ruin your Miami luxury vacation with a sunburn.

The pool has always been a big part of making any luxury vacation a fun and exciting trip. Most everyone loves jumping in the pool to cool off and then lounging around poolside enjoying the beautiful weather. If the pool is an important part of your luxury vacation plans, Miami is an excellent place to visit. Many of these luxury rentals put a lot of time and creativity in creating some amazing pools and the right environment to make your stay a pleasant one.

Choose a Luxury Rental for Your Miami Business Meetings

Penthouse ViewMiami is a beautiful city full of stunning scenery, amazing attractions and an exciting nightlife. People from all over the world spend their luxury vacations in Miami but it’s also a popular spot for businesses to hold conferences and other meetings. The warm tropical weather, easy transportation in and out of the city and the three major convention centers located in the area make it the perfect location to conduct business for both large and small companies.

When scheduling a business trip to meet with potential clients in Miami, you have a lot of planning and preparing to do but don’t let that stand in your way of finding the perfect place to hold your meetings. You can make reservations at one of the many venues in the area but it’s not your only option. You do have other choices that are more convenient and that will make a lasting impression on your clients.

Imagine how convenient and impressive it would be to choose a rental option where everyone can stay throughout the duration of your trip and where you can hold your meetings in the same place. With so many different Miami luxury rentals available, it’s much easier to find the perfect location than you might think.

Why Choose a Luxury Rental for Your Miami Business Meetings

Business meetings are an important part of marketing and making a good impression on your clients is vital. You want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed when conducting business because it will help with the negotiations. For this reason, the location of the meeting will play a major role in your success, by helping you create the right kind of atmosphere.

Where you hold your meetings is also a direct reflection on your company. You can choose a local venue designed just for meetings but it would be much more personal and impressive to conduct business in a more private setting designed for comfort. It shows respect and lets your clients know that your company cares about more than just closing a deal. It helps you build a strong business relationship with your clients along with a good reputation for your company. Below are a couple of the luxury rental options available where you can hold business meetings.

Luxury Rental Options

Many luxury rental options are available that offer conference rooms or special areas where you can set up for a meeting onsite. The best location will depend on the type of business meeting you’re planning, along with how many people will be attending but here are a couple of good options to help you get started.

You can stay at one of the many luxury hotels in the area such as the Ritz Carlton on Miami Beach and book the business center there for all of your meetings. This hotel offers a wide variety of services to ensure your stay is a pleasant one. These services also include audio-visual items such as microphones, projections, screens and a variety of office equipment.

Qualities Of A Great Hotel Spa

Tiki Hut And Bar By Swimming Pool Of Luxury HotelOne of the main reasons why you take a luxury vacation is to relax and what better way to do that than by visiting a spa. Getting a spa treatment can help you de-stress and that’s something that everyone needs once in a way. It’s so relaxing that you can’t help but forget about everything else for a while and it helps to rejuvenate your mind and body at the same time.

Most people feel like a whole new person after leaving a spa. It helps to improve your mood, build self-esteem and it has many health benefits. For example, it improves circulation, which can help reduce the risks of having a heart attack or stroke and it can help regulate your blood pressure.

Now that you know going to a spa has many health benefits on top of being a great way to relax, you can see why so many people choose to spend their time at the spa when on a luxury vacation. Most luxury hotels offer spa services but they do vary considerably. Some just offer massages while others offer treatments you may not have even heard of before, so finding the right hotel spa is very important.

Three Qualities of Great Hotel Spa

Before you make reservations for your luxury vacation in Miami, find out what kind of spa the hotel offers. Scheduling a day or even two at the spa is a great way to enhance your vacation but only if the hotel has a great spa.

Below are three qualities of a great hotel spa to look for when booking your stay:

  1. The staff is genuinely happy to see you and they make you feel welcome. No one can relax in an environment where they don’t feel welcome or where they feel like the staff is just doing their job. When you go to the spa, you deserve special treatment and it needs to be provided in a relaxing environment. That can only happen when the staff is friendly and professional.
  2. It will have areas where you can sit and relax before and after your spa treatments. The whole point of going to the spa is to relax, so you don’t want to rush in and back out again. Spending some time in a sauna, Jacuzzi or steam room will help get you ready for your spa treatment. Sitting by the pool or relaxing in the lounge filled with comfortable seating, soft music and the scent of aromatherapy oils after your session will help add to the overall experience.
  3. The massage room will also have a private changing room and shower. This offers the ultimate in privacy and it can help make the experience more enjoyable. Not everyone is comfortable changing in front of others or walking from one area to another in a robe. In fact, it can even create stress, which will make it harder to relax during your treatment.

Need Help Finding the Best Hotel for Your Vacation

If you need help choosing your hotel, our friendly staff here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach can help you find the perfect hotel and spa and there are several options available. For example, when you stay at the Acqualina Hotel, you’ll have access to the Acqualina Spa By ESPA, which is rated one of the best in Florida. Another option would be the Ritz Carlton Hotel where you can relax at the South Beach Spa, which has been recognized as the best day spa in Miami.

Spending time at the spa will help make your luxury vacation complete, so be sure to take advantage of this service while visiting Miami. We can help match you to the luxury hotel and spa that best suits your needs based on where you want to spend your vacation and the spa services you would like to enjoy.