Miami Rental Property: A Great Option for Investors

luxury rentals miamiExperienced investors look for property with real potential. Price is a factor but location is more important when you’re investing in vacation rental property. If you want to attract guests, you have to offer them something worthwhile that makes you stand out from all the rest. This is why so many investors look for real estate in Miami.

This flourishing city is home to celebrities and many other prestigious individuals settle down in this area. You’ll also find hundreds of multinational corporations located throughout Miami, which gives you an idea of how valuable property is in this particular part of Florida. The real estate market in and around Miami is stable and there are many great opportunities for investors looking for good rental property with lots of potential.

What Makes Buying Miami Rental Property a Good Investment

There are many reasons to invest in Miami rental property, starting with the fact that this area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This alone offers many advantages that you won’t find in other locations. You know that people will be traveling to the area from all over the world and when they do, they’re going to be looking for a place to stay.

The tropical like climate with beautiful summers and mild winters make it a vacationer’s paradise. As a result, it’s an investors dream come true because there will always be someone traveling to the area all year long. In addition to the amazing weather, the variety of entertainment, activities and attractions encourage vacationers to keep coming back.

Another good reason to consider buying rental property in Miami is that real estate is more affordable than you might think. Here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach, we can help you find some amazing deals that may seem a bit too good to be true. If you’re ready to venture out and invest in property that has real potential, give us a call. Our representatives will be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for at prices you won’t want to pass up.

Best Type of Rental Property to Seek Out

If you’re not familiar with Miami, you may not have any idea of what type of rental property to look for but you actually have several options. Scattered throughout the city and within the surrounding areas there are a wide variety of condos, villas and even mansions available just waiting for the right investor to come along and scoop one up.

These luxury rental options help to make Miami a popular tourist destination because travelers look forward to spending their vacations surrounded by luxury. When you invest in this type of property, you’re also buying all of the amenities that draw these visitors to Miami, which means that you can provide them with the luxuries they seek.

Some of the best locations to purchase this type of rental property include the following areas:

  • Key Biscayne
  • Fisher Island
  • Coconut Grove
  • Florida Keys
  • Coral Gables

Each one of these locations offers a different type of experience for visitors, so you have to determine which one appeals to you the most. For example, if you’re interested in rich culture and gorgeous scenery, Coconut Grove is an excellent location.

However, if you want a location where your guests can participate in a wide variety of activities, then Key Biscayne is a good choice. Of course, you can always invest in some beachfront property where your guests can go for long walks on the shore or sunbath anytime they’re in the mood. Real estate along the coastline is always a good investment option, especially in Miami.

Choose the W Hotel South Beach for the Perfect Getaway

W Hotel South Beach When you’re searching for the perfect place to stay for your luxury vacation in Miami, the W Hotel is an excellent choice. It has everything you need to enjoy your vacation and more. It has a unique style all its own that complements the beautiful beach and amazing city. The location is perfect for a wide variety of entertainment if you want to venture outside of the hotel. However, you may find it a little difficult to leave since you’ll be treated like royalty and there is a lot to keep you busy while on the premises.

For example, there are two pools where you can sit back and enjoy the view or you can spend some time at the very impressive fitness center. The hotel also features a rooftop tennis court and basketball court where you can enjoy some fun and games with other guests.

There are several excellent restaurants where you can enjoy some fine dining or you can hang out at one of the beach bars for a few drinks. If you’re looking for a quieter, more relaxing evening, perhaps you might prefer spending some time at the Bliss Spa. You’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and ready for a stroll through the secret garden with your partner. No matter how you decide to spend your day or night, when it’s time to return to your room, you’re sure to find the accommodations very refreshing.

The Rooms are Gorgeous at the W Hotel South Beach

You couldn’t ask for better accommodations than what you’ll have when you stay at this hotel. The rooms are simply gorgeous and it’s obvious that the designers made comfort a priority. When you first walk in, you’ll immediately feel the difference. You’ll understand why so many guests return to the hotel every chance they get when visiting Miami.

Below are a few of the things that make the rooms at the W Hotel stand out:

  • Beautiful, modern décor that creates a relaxing environment
  • Enough space to ensure you’ll never feel cramped or uncomfortable
  • Private glass balconies with a gorgeous view of the ocean
  • Plush slippers and bathrobes to make your stay more comfortable
  • Separate living and bedroom areas (in some rooms)
  • All the modern luxuries you would expect from a high-class hotel and more

If you prefer to cook your own food while on vacation, some of the rooms even have full service kitchens. When you stay at the W Hotel South Beach, you get more than just a room. You’ll have an experience that you’ll never forget and the amazing service plays a major role in creating that memory.

The Service Is Fantastic

One of the first things that you’ll notice from the second you walk into the hotel is that the staff has a real desire to make your stay a pleasant one. Anytime day or night, there is someone available to answer questions or take care of your needs and they’re always polite and friendly. When it comes to hospitality, they know how to make you feel welcome.

The staff is always professional and very knowledgeable, so they can take care of all your needs in a timely fashion without a hassle. What makes it even better is that they’re truly happy to provide you with the personal service needed to make your vacation one you won’t want to stop talking about.

When making your reservations for a luxury vacation in Miami, the W hotel is an excellent choice. It’s certainly a one-of-kind experience that you’re sure to enjoy. To make reservations to spend your luxury vacation in a hotel that will exceed all of your expectations, contact us here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach and we’ll take care of all the details for you.

Miami Short-Term Rentals: A Great Option for Long Business Trips

Miami businessMiami is a hot spot for vacationers but it’s also a very popular location for businesses. Many business meetings, seminars and conventions take place in the center of this beautiful city. Businessmen from all over the world travel to Miami to meet with prospective clients, associates and suppliers.

Choosing where to stay when conducting business in Miami is a big decision because it has the potential to affect your trip in a positive or negative way. For this reason, go over your travel plans carefully before making reservations for your accommodations and it will ensure you find the best rental for your stay.

If you’re only planning to stay in Miami for a few days, there are many excellent luxury hotels to choose from that can accommodate you. However, if business requires you to stay in this beautiful city for more than a week, then you would benefit more by choosing a short-term rental.

Short-Term Rentals Help You Save Money

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs but traveling to different areas can be very expensive. When you include the total cost for transportation, lodgings and food, it can add up fast. However, choosing a short-term rental for your extended stay in Miami is one excellent way to save money. Most rentals normally offer discounts for their property when you rent by the week or by the month instead of by the day, so that is one way to save.

These rentals also include full kitchens with modern appliances and all other necessities needed to prepare your own meals. As a result, you can save money by dining in instead of eating out for three meals a day, although there are many excellent restaurants in the area. Plan to eat out a few times while visiting this exciting city. Otherwise, you’ll miss an amazing opportunity to dine in style with some of the most delicious foods in the world.

They Make a Great Home Away from Home

Being away from home for long periods is stressful but jobs can be very demanding. When your business takes you away from your home for several weeks or even months at a time, short-term rentals make a great home away from home. They offer more privacy than hotels in addition to providing you with many of the same conveniences you have at home, especially when you choose a fully furnished rental.

Some even include stereos, TVs, cable and Internet service along with many other accessories needed to make you feel right at home. They also offer other amenities that will make your stay even more enjoyable. For example, many of these rentals have private pools and personal gyms. Depending on where you plan to stay, you’ll have access to a variety of fun and exciting entertainment options.

They Help You Make a Good Impression

No matter where you conduct business, you always want to make a good impression. Staying organized and looking sharp can help you do that but it can be hard to do when traveling. Staying in a rental that offers all of the conveniences of home will make it easier for you to make a good impression. You can keep your work attire washed and pressed and have the space you need to keep all of your papers in order.

Give us a call and let us know how long you plan to stay and we’ll help you find the best rental option for your business trip. Don’t forget to include how you would like to spend your free time. This way, we can also match you with a rental where you can relax and enjoy your time in Miami when you’re not conducting business.

Shopping In Miami Is a Unique Experience

shopping in MiamiFor many people, the idea of a perfect luxury vacation is spending time at the mall shopping. It just so happens that Miami has several wonderful shopping malls where you can spend your whole day on a fun and exciting shopping spree. With the wide variety of malls located throughout Miami, it’s a shopper’s paradise.

Five Top Miami Shopping Malls

Before planning your Miami luxury vacation, do some research to determine which malls appeal to your shopping needs the best. This way, you can look for a luxury rental in the same area so you can get an early start shopping.

Below are five of the top Miami malls where you can go shopping to help you get a head start on your research:

  1. Aventura Mall– Located at Biscayne Boulevard, this mall has more than 300 retail stores that include Nordstrom and Macy’s along with specialty shops like Banana Republic, Apple, Calvin Klein and The Disney Store. There’s also wide variety of restaurants that include the Johnny Rockets, Rosalia’s and The Cheesecake Factory where you can enjoy a bite to eat while shopping.
  2. Dolphin Mall– On the west side of Miami International Airport, you’ll find the Dolphin Mall. Its racetrack layout makes shopping fun and entertaining at the same time. It features approximately 250 retail stores, which includes Marshall’s, Bass Pro Shop and Sports Authority. It has a huge food court along with other restaurants such as KOBE Japanese Steak & Seafood, TGI Friday’s and Starbucks. For some entertainment, visit the theater or bowling alley.
  3. Dadeland Mall– On North Kendall Dr. in Miami, this mall has a variety of specialty stores that include Abercrombie & Fitch, The Disney Store, Victoria’s Secret, Vertigo and Apple. You can grab a bite to eat at Mandarin Express or Chik-fil-A but if you prefer a meal you can stop by Puccini & Pasta, Johnny Rockets or the Cafe Bistro.
  4. The Falls– Located at 136th SW Street in Miami, this outdoor mall offers a wonderful shopping experience. The many retail stores include The Gap, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. There are also many restaurants to choose from that include Los Ranchos, P.F. Chang’s China Bistro and TGI Friday’s. You can take a break from shopping by visiting the Regal Cinemas.
  5. CocoWalk– In Coconut Grove on Grand Avenue you can enjoy a fun filled day when visiting this outdoor mall. It features a number of specialty stores that include 305 Wireless, European Fashion and Gallery. Restaurant includes Chili’s, Sushi Central, Hooters and Coco Wok Fresh Asian Fare. You can also visit the theater or one of the art galleries while there or spend some time in one of the nightclubs.

Here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach we have a wide variety of rentals to choose from and we would love to help you find the best one for your vacation needs. Just give us a call or send us an email to let us know what you are looking for and we’ll match you with the perfect rental near the shopping mall you’re most interested in visiting.

What Makes Shopping in Miami So Special

Everyone knows that shopping is fun but it’s even more exciting when you do it in Miami. This city is known for its diverse culture, which also applies to the shopping malls. When you spend the day visiting the mall, you’ll have an opportunity to shop specialty shops where you can find many unique and exciting items that you may not be able to find anywhere else.

Miami does offer an unforgettable shopping experience. Therefore, if you enjoy spending your day wondering around the mall, be sure to leave some free time when making your vacation plans to see what makes shopping in Miami so special. After a busy day of visiting the mall, you can spend the rest of the evening enjoying a relaxing spa treatment or lazing around the pool sipping on your favorite beverage.