Luxurious Rentals in Miami Beach

luxurious rentals miami beachThe beautiful beaches and tropical like weather is not the only thing that draws luxury travelers to Miami Beach. Many people visit this amazing city because it offers a wide range of luxury rentals where you can sit back and relax in style and comfort. In fact, Miami is known for having some of the most luxurious hotels and finest restaurants in the world. It’s part of what makes this tourist destination so popular.

If you’re planning a trip to Miami, one of the first things you need to do is decide where to stay. Below are three of the most popular types of luxury rental options available in Miami Beach. These will give you an idea of what to look for when planning your vacation.

Luxurious Rentals in Miami Beach Include Gorgeous Mansions

If you’ve never stayed in a mansion before, it’s something that you should do at least once in your lifetime. These rentals are as interesting as they are luxurious. They range in size from three bedroom homes to large multi-room estates. They offer everything you need to make your stay a pleasant one such as privacy, security and concierge services.

These rentals are perfect for singles, couples and families. Many couples choose these beautiful estates for wedding ceremonies and they’re perfect for family reunions, too. Everyone can stay in the same place and you have plenty of room inside and out to socialize.

Reserve a Penthouse for Your Vacation

If you’re searching for a fun and interesting place to stay in Miami, consider reserving a penthouse. These rentals are so luxurious that you’ll feel like you’re living a dream come true. They’re normally located at the very top of hotels, high-rise apartments and condos to provide guests with the most privacy and breath-taking views you won’t get with any other type of rental.

The amenities include everything you need to be comfortable and to relax in style. Most penthouses even have TVs and stereo speakers in the bathrooms for your entertainment. Other amenities include private steam rooms, exercise rooms, saunas, luxury bath products, concierge services and valet parking.

When you choose penthouse rentals in Miami Beach, you’ll feel like a movie star or some other type of celebrity. It’s certainly the ultimate in luxury and you’re sure to enjoy every moment of your stay.

The Bal Harbour House

Many vacationers are discovering that staying in a private home instead of a hotel or condo allows them to have a more personal experience during their vacation. It gives you a chance to socialize more with the locals instead of other tourist and that helps to turn your vacation into a unique experience you’ll always remember.

If you’re looking for a private rental that allows you to feel more like one of the residents while providing stylish and luxurious accommodations, the Bal Harbour House may be exactly what you’re looking for. This gorgeous waterfront home sits inside a gated community and features a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi and entertainment room. It sleeps up to 18 people comfortably and has ten bathrooms.

Some of the amenities you can expect from this rental include a private balcony, butler service, and babysitting services. You can even request a private chef to prepare all of your meals while visiting this amazing city. There is a flat screen TV in every room, a triple staircase and a rooftop deck for your enjoyment.

When you stay in the Bal Harbour House, you’re just a few minutes away from a variety of shops and many forms of entertainment. It’s the ultimate in luxury and you’re sure to have a fantastic vacation you’ll always remember.

Have you ever stayed in any of these luxurious rentals in Miami Beach before? Which one is the most appealing to you?

The Secret to Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

perfect honeymoonAre you one of the many couples planning to get married in the near future? Are you getting frustrated trying to plan the perfect honeymoon? Where you go and what you do is such an important decision because it’s the beginning of your new life together. It’s natural to want everything to go perfectly but that is one thing that makes planning your trip so stressful.

So, what’s the secret to planning the perfect honeymoon? How do you know you’re making the best decisions for you and your partner? The answers may be simpler that you think.

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon Means Choosing a Great Location

Deciding where to spend your honeymoon is a daunting task but it’s also the most important decision you’ll make. With so many excellent places to visit, it’s hard to decide where to go. You want somewhere romantic where you can enjoy spending some alone time together but it needs to be the right type of environment.

The key to choosing the right destination is determining what you really want to do. When you close your eyes and picture yourself together, where do you imagine being. For some couples it’s walking hand in hand along a sandy beach or watching the sunset over the ocean. For others, it’s dining in a five star restaurant and then dancing the night away. Decide what you want to do while on your honeymoon and that will help you choose a location that’s perfect for you.

Miami is a popular destination for honeymooners because it offers such a wide variety of things to do. The city has a little something for everyone from spending a nice relaxing day sitting by a luxury pool to partying the night away at one of the amazing bars or nightclubs. Once you determine where you want to go, the next step is to decide where to stay.

Choosing a Luxury Rental

The second part of planning the perfect honeymoon is determining where to stay. There are many hotels, condos, villas and even private mansions where you can spend your honeymoon in comfort and style. Here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach, we can help you find and book your stay in the perfect luxury rental based on where you want to visit and what you plan to do once you get there.

If taking long walks on the beach or sitting on your private balcony watching the sunset together in a luxury hotel in Miami is something you would enjoy, we can arrange everything for you. Whatever type of rental you’re looking for, we can help you find the one that offers all of the amenities you need to enjoy your honeymoon in style and comfort.

Tips to Make Your Honeymoon a Success

One way to get your marriage off to a great start is to take a honeymoon that you won’t ever forget. You can do that by planning ahead. Even though you will spend a big portion of your time enjoying each other’s company, it’s still nice to explore the city. Pick activities that you both enjoy such as scuba diving, rock climbing or exploring nature and make the arrangements when reserving your rental.

The secret to planning the perfect honeymoon is to do what you enjoy, not what someone else thinks you should do. This is your special time together so you should be the ones to make all the decisions. Get out and see what makes Miami so famous. This way, you’ll have plenty of fun and interesting stories to share with your family and friends when you return home.

Travel and Vacation Tips for Pet Owners

travel with petsTaking your pet along with you on vacation can be a fun experience or a nightmare depending on how well you plan things out. If you’re a new pet owner and traveling with your dog or cat for the first time, you may not be aware of all the special arrangements you need to make before you leave home.

For example, if you plan to fly you have to find an airline that will accept pets, make the arrangements, pay the extra fees and prepare the carrier. The airlines will inform you of their requirements but normally you need to attach an ID tag to your pet and his carrier, place live animal stickers and arrows pointing up on the carrier and provide food, water, bowls and bedding for your pet.

Keep in mind that certain breeds of dogs like the snub-nosed pugs may have difficulty breathing when flying and many airlines will not allow these breeds to fly. As you can see, taking your pet along on your vacation is not as simple as you might expect, especially when trying to find a place to stay.

Travel and Vacation Tips for Pet Owners Include Finding the Right Luxury Rental

Make accommodations for your pet when you book your luxury rental in Miami because many places do not allow pets. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to learn that your favorite hotel won’t let your pet stay in the room with you. Your only options would be to find another rental last minute or put your beloved pet in a kennel throughout the duration of your trip. Both of which could ruin your vacation.

Some excellent rentals in Miami that do allow small pets include:

Give us a call and we’ll help you find a pet friendly luxury rental in the area where you’re planning to spend your vacation. In addition to finding a luxury rental that allows pets, there are a few basic tips that will make your travels go more smoothly.

Basic Travel Tips for Pet Owners

Before you travel with your pet, take him for a check-up to make sure he is healthy and that all of his shots are up-to-date. Keep his records with you and keep them handy. You will need to show proof of his shots throughout your vacation.

Below are a few more travel and vacation tips for pet owners that will help make the experience more pleasant for everyone:

  • Play with your pet before leaving to make him tired so he will sleep more while traveling.
  • Make sure your pet does not get carsick if you plan to drive.
  • When traveling by car, restrain your pet with a travel crate, seat belt or some other form of restraint to help protect everyone.
  • Don’t feed your pet a big meal right before leaving for the trip because it might make him feel sick.
  • Stop every two or three hours to give your pet water, let him stretch and use the bathroom.
  • Talk along his favorite toy or something familiar with your scent on it to help keep your pet calm.

Below are a few more requirements you’ll need to meet when vacationing with your pet:

  • Your dog or cat must be housetrained
  • Never leave your pet unattended
  • The weight limit is usually under 50 pounds but could be less
  • Always clean up after your pet
  • You may have to pay a refundable deposit and/or a non-refundable cleaning fee
  • You may have to sign a liability waiver

If you’re not prepared to take your pet along when traveling, it would be better for him if you make other arrangements. This is also true if you have a very young or old pet or if your dog or cat has health problems. Consider all of your options carefully because in the end, whether or not to travel with your pet depends what is best for him.

Miami Villa Rentals: A Great Vacation Option

Miami Villa RentalsAre you looking for a new, exciting way to spend your next vacation? Would you like to get a closer look at the way the residents live in Miami instead of spending most of your time around other vacationers? Consider staying in a luxury villa instead of a hotel. Vacations give you a chance to get away from the stress and aggravation of everyday life but figuring out where to stay can be a stressful experience.

When vacationing in Miami, you need a place that offers the luxuries you want without putting a strain on your budget and that can be difficult to find if you have a large family. You also need a place where you can relax in comfort and style and that is exactly what you’ll get when you stay in a villa.

A villa is best described as a private luxury home, so they offer you a more personal experience than what you’ll get with other rentals. The kitchens are equipped with modern appliances and you can expect luxury furniture and bedding that will make your stay more comfortable. Some have private swimming pools and game rooms to enhance your experience but that’s not the only reason to choose a villa over other rental options.

What Makes Villa Rentals a Great Option?

In addition to the personal experience that you’ll get when staying in a villa, they offer vacationers more flexibility. You can rent a cozy one-bedroom villa for a romantic getaway or choose one with several bedrooms if you’re traveling with a large group. This way, everyone can stay together in one place instead of having separate rooms like you would need in a hotel.

You have more freedom to enjoy your vacation because you don’t have to worry about making too much noise and disturbing others. Many of these rentals also have backyards where the kids can run and play, so they won’t be complaining about being bored and needing something to do. You can cookout on the patio, play your music and enjoy your vacation the way you want to without worry.

You can rent a luxury villa for one day or for several weeks. It’s up to you. Normally, you’ll receive a discounted rate if you stay longer than a day or two, so they’re the perfect choice for anyone looking for a short-term luxury rental. If you plan to stay in Miami for a week or longer, you can save money with these rentals that you can use to see the sights or participate in some of the exciting activities Miami offers.

Don’t Forget about the Service

When you choose a luxury villa in Miami, you don’t have to sacrifice service. Many of these rentals offer concierge services that will make your stay more enjoyable. Some villa rentals even offer personal services such as making reservations for your family at one of the fine restaurants in Miami or providing you with information about the different forms of entertainment in the area.

If you have a large family or you’re vacationing with friends, luxury villas are an excellent choice. Since they’re private homes, you’ll get the see the city in a different way because you won’t be surrounded by other vacationers. This will give you a chance to experience this beautiful city on a more personal level.

You’ll still have all the amenities you need to make your vacation special in addition to having more privacy. The personal experience will also make your stay more enjoyable because you can relax and spend your vacation doing the things you enjoy. Miami is one of the most popular tourist destinations in world and spending your vacation in a luxury villa is an excellent way to enjoy all this amazing city has to offer.