Miami Spice and Luxury Rentals Complement Each Other Perfectly

It’s that time of year again when Miami Spice offers diners a chance to enjoy signature dishes at discount prices. This culinary food expo is an exciting time for all Miami residents and visitors and it began on August 1 and runs through September 30. This is the twelfth year for this event and people still travel for miles to take advantage of this luxury culinary experience. Once you’ve had a taste of what Miami Spice has to offer, you’ll want to make plans every year to return.

For those who have never taking part in this huge event, here is what all the hype is about.

Discounted Prices on Signature Dishes

If you would love to try a three-course meal that features signature dishes from some of the most renowned chefs in Miami but you don’t want to pay regular prices, now is your chance. During these two months, you can enjoy some of the most delicious meals you have ever had the pleasure of tasting at value prices. Over 170 different restaurants located all through Miami will offer lunches for the very low price of $19 to $23 a meal. You can also enjoy dinners in the price range of $33 to $39 a meal. This incredible deal only comes around once a year.

Getting the Most Out of Miami Spice

A little planning can go a long ways in getting the most out of Miami Spice. Keep in mind that the restaurants may not offer these dishes every day. Some have certain days of the week they do it, some only offer dinner while others offer both dinner and lunch and they may only be available during certain hours. The best way to start planning is to search the Internet for the most comprehensive list of participating restaurants and pick out the ones you think you would like to visit the most.

Next, look at their menu options to narrow down your choices and to determine when they are offering Miami Spice meals. The last step is to create a schedule with the name of the restaurants you want to visit, the day you want to go and which meal you want to enjoy, lunch or dinner. Now you have a plan, you’re organized and you’re all set to get the most of Miami Spice.

Top It All Off with a Luxury Vacation Rental

The only way to make a luxury culinary experience like Miami Spice better is by a staying in a luxury vacation rental in Miami Beach where you can enjoy the tropical like weather and gorgeous beaches in style. Did you know that some of the finest luxury rentals found anywhere in the country is located in Miami?

There are many different options to choose from that are suited for couples, families and even large groups. When you’re not enjoying a signature meal at one of the participating restaurants, you can relax poolside, enjoy the Jacuzzi or visit the spa to be pampered for a while. You may even want to just spend some time in your room and relax in style.

The variety of dishes you have to choose from at Miami Spice is amazing, so there is something available for everyone from the fussiest eater to those who love to experiment with different foods. All meals also include desert so get ready to indulge. Some restaurants will offer other specials that you can take advantage of, too. For example, some offer specials on wines to go with your meal while others may offer big group discounts. Miami Spice is an exciting time for everyone so go ahead and book your short-term luxury rental today and enjoy this luxury culinary experience in style, you deserve it!