Are Luxury Hotels Eliminating Room Service?

Room service and luxury hotels just seem to go together. When you think of one, you usually think of the other but that may soon change. The hospitality industry is changing to meet the needs of its guests and room service is not as popular today as it once was. In the past, the kitchen staff in many hotels stayed busy throughout the day and night preparing meals for guests on a moment’s notice, as the calls for room service came in but that is no longer the case.

Room service has been around for as long as there have been luxury hotels. Many travelers have come to expect this service when staying at four and five star hotels in South Beach or any other area and there are the times when you can really appreciate it. After traveling all day to reach your destination, many travelers just want to unpack and relax in their room for a while. Many times, you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night so all you want is a good meal and some sleep.

Some people just look forward to relaxing and having a nice quiet meal together in their room. This can be very romantic and in some cases where vacationers are traveling with small children, it can be a huge relief. Travelers will gladly pay high prices for a meal just for the convenience but it is possible this will no longer be an option one day.

Why the Change

While there are still many travelers who look forward to this service, many others never take advantage of it. In fact, it would appear that fewer travelers order room service every year. Many hotels are losing revenue by keeping their kitchens open 24/7 despite the high prices you have pay for this service and they are looking for alternatives. For this reason, many luxury rental hotels in Miami and all over the US are searching for ways to reduce this cost while still providing guests with other options to try.

What Should Vacationers Expect In the Future

You can’t eliminate room service and not give guests some type of alternative so rumors of these changes have many people wondering, what should vacationers and other travelers expect in the future when staying in a luxury hotel that no longer offers this service? What other options will you have for obtaining food after the normal business hours for hotel restaurants?

According to entrepreneur, “In the last year both the Hilton and Doubletree brands began testing and rolling out a cross-section of 24-hour alternatives to room service, including packaged gourmet take-out and meals that can be ordered in advance and picked up from the lobby, restaurant or market, so that they can be eaten anywhere travelers might want to take their tablet and their meal.”

Another option some hotels are considering includes 24-hour food marts. While you will most likely have other options for acquiring a meal after hours, nothing will ever be as convenient as room service. With these alternatives, you’ll have to physically go and pick up your order and take it back to your room.

The reasoning behind the change is understandable but you have to ask the question, is it still considered a luxury hotel if they eliminate room service? After all, it is one of the things that helped to make luxury hotels what they are today and it’s nice to know the option is there if you decide to use it.

How do you feel about having room service? If your favorite luxury hotel stopped offering this service, would you miss it? Would you still stay in a luxury hotel that didn’t offer it or look for another place to stay on your next luxury vacation?