Battle on the Beach – Luxury Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels

In the luxury vacation property rental business, the constant battle involves changing perceptions. Instinct dictates that hotels are the first-choice when it comes to traveling to Miami Beach for a vacation, and though convenience may be the chief reason, it’s worth noting that savvy, modern travelers can simply do better. Not just because it suits us, but because any alternative, in terms of savings and comfort, rarely adds up to the value provided by luxury vacation rentals in Miami Beach.
So how exactly is a luxury vacation rental property a better value proposition than its hotel alternative? We’re glad you asked.
For starters, we’ve found that our renters love the ‘home’ elements that come with a luxury property rental. Like making breakfast in your pajamas in the morning? If you rent a standard hotel room without a kitchen, you simply can’t do it. Rent a luxury vacation property instead? You’ll always have a kitchen and no one will ever judge you for wearing your PJs all day long (should that suit you).
Having a kitchen affords you some other flexibilities, too. Eating out is par for the course on a luxury vacation, but should you choose to save some money on a few meals, you can prepare them right inside your luxury rental. Want late night snacks? You can have them there, too, without having to leave your room in hopes of finding a place that will still be open for service.
And then, of course, there’s the money. When you consider the ‘sacrifices’ you’ll make to rent a luxury vacation property versus a hotel room, it often comes down to making your own bed, cleaning up after yourself, and not having access to concierge service. For some, those are must-haves, but for many others, getting a property for sometimes half the price of a hotel, or even less, far outweighs the extra ‘perks’ of a hotel stay.
What’s your idea of a luxury vacation rentals in South Beach? We can help you decide. Call us today at 1-888-571-3332 to plan your next trip!