Planning a Luxury Vacation with Kids

luxury vacation with kidsPlanning a luxury vacation with kids is a little different than going alone but with careful planning everyone can have a great time. Having kids does not mean that you can no longer spend your vacation relaxing while being pampered. It just means that you have to do things a little differently. The key to a great luxury vacation with kids is the planning. You can’t just go and make last minute decisions as to how you’ll spend your time because it’s too stressful with kids and things can get out of hand very quickly.

Instead, you need a schedule outlining how to spend your luxury vacation from the time you arrive, until you’re ready to head home. Of course, this schedule is not written in stone. When you have kids, things don’t always go according to plan and you’ll most likely have to make some changes to it as you go. Therefore, you also have to be flexible and exercise patience throughout your trip.

Still, having a plan will help you stay somewhat organized and give you a good idea of how to spend your time while on your luxury vacation. When creating your plan, make three separate categories starting with some family activities.

Plan Your Family Activities

The age of your kids will be a major factor in what activities you plan so the main thing is to make sure you choose something everyone can enjoy. For example, if everyone in the family enjoys spending time on the beach, then choose a W. South Beach hotel or one at Miami Beach where you’re within walking distance to the beach.

If your family enjoys adventure, perhaps a tour of the Everglades either by foot or by airboat would be a great option. As long as you’re planning activities that everyone in your family can enjoy, it won’t really matter what you do. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.

Schedule Some Time for Relaxing

Don’t think that you have to be doing something the whole time you’re on vacation because you don’t. It’s vital that you schedule in some time for relaxing. Otherwise, everyone, including yourself will begin to get a little grumpy. The whole point of a luxury vacation is to relax and enjoy yourself so don’t try to run yourself and your kids to death staying busy every waking moment.

Take some time to enjoy the luxuries that go along with staying in a luxury rental. Relax and watch a movie on your flat screen TV or catch up on some much-needed sleep wrapped up in the luxury bedding. Sit by the pool and sip on your favorite drink or spend some time in the spa. There are many ways to relax and enjoy your vacation, so take advantage of some of them.

Plan Some Alone Time

A luxury vacation wouldn’t be complete without some time alone and when you choose one of the South Beach Miami vacation rentals that offers babysitting services, you can enjoy your alone time without worry. Even if you have older kids, you still don’t want to leave them without supervision and the babysitting company can provide appropriate care for your children based on their age.

Taking a family luxury vacation together can be very enjoyable when you plan ahead. This gives you time to do your research and find the rentals that offer the type of luxuries you’re looking for near the activities you want to enjoy. Don’t forget to schedule in some alone time for you and your spouse and some time for rest for everyone. Planning in advance can help you plan a wonderful luxury vacation that all of you will remember for many years.