Start Planning Your Miami Golf Vacation Now

High overhead angle view of golfer hitting golf ball on fairwayDoes your idea of a luxury vacation mean spending your day playing golf? If so, then start planning your trip to Miami. With so much emphasis put on the sandy beaches, nightclubs and famous attractions, many people forget that some of the most beautiful golf courses in the state are located in this city. The wide variety of activities located in and around Miami help to make it the perfect vacation spot for dedicated golfers, whose family members prefer spending their time doing other things.

Many resorts and hotels offer packages that allow you to add spending time golfing to your vacation plans but first, you need to decide which golf course you want to play. Then you can start planning your Miami golf vacation.

Top Miami Golf Courses

There are many places where you can play golf when visiting Miami along with a lot of luxury vacation rentals designed to make your vacation as enjoyable as you imagined. Once you decide which course you would like to play, you can look for a luxury hotel, condo or mansion in the area to make reservations for your stay.

To help you get started on your search so you can begin planning your Miami golf vacation, below are five of the most popular golf courses in the area:

  1. Killian Greens Golf Course– If you love playing golf but you feel a little intimidated by the professionals, this is an excellent course to visit. It’s a fun and interesting course where the average golfer can go and have a great time playing. It’s also a great course for the beginner due to the relaxing environment.
  2. Crandon Park Golf Course– The Crandon Park Course located in Key Biscayne is rated as one of the top ten courses in Miami and the Senior PGA Tour has been playing here for years. It’s surrounded by the beautiful bay water and tropical scenery making this course as exciting to play as it is challenging.
  3. Palmetto Golf Course– This 18-hole public golf course with water around more than half of them is a great choice for visitors. It’s a fun and challenging course to play for golfers of all skill levels.
  4. Miami Beach Golf Club– This course was upgrade in 2002, which has contributed to its popularity. Golfers vacationing in Miami as well as local businessmen enjoy playing on this course and many company outings are held here. You’ll also find several luxury rentals such as The Tides or The Ritz Carlton hotels in the immediate area where you can enjoy all the luxuries you’ve been dreaming about, when you’re not playing golf.
  5. Doral Golf Resort– This Resort offers several golfing options but the most popular and challenging one is the Par 72 Blue Monster course. It has been the location of PGA tours for over forty years and Golf Magazine ranks the eighth hole as one of the top 100 golf holes in the world.

Other courses at the Doral Golf Resort include The Great White, The Red Tiger, The Silver Fox and The Golden Palm. You do have to be a guest of the Doral Resort to play these courses.

Plan for Your Miami Golf Vacation In Advance

Golfing in Miami is fantastic. No matter where you play, you’ll enjoy beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery but the best time to plan a golf vacation is during the spring, fall and winter. The weather is mild, so it’s more comfortable being out on the golf course than it is during the middle of the summer. However, the greens are usually less crowded during the summer months if you don’t mind the heat.

While golfing in Miami is exciting, set aside some time to spend on the beach and visit some of the other attractions while you’re there. It would be a shame to visit this beautiful city and not take advantage of some of the things that make it a popular tourist attraction.