Butler Service: A Luxury Vacation Amenity You Have to Try

luxury miami vacationButler service is a special amenity that some luxury hotels and resorts offer their guests but many vacationers never take advantage of it. Butler’s provide you with unique personalized services that help to turn a great vacation into the ultimate luxury experience. While on your vacation, you only deal with the butler. He will take care of all your needs from the time you arrive until you leave.

These professionals provide a variety of services that will make your vacation even more enjoyable than you ever imagined. If you have any problems with your room or anything else during your stay, you contact the butler and he will find a solution to your problem in a timely manner. When you make a request, the butler will handle it quickly and professionally so you can relax and enjoy your stay.

What Exactly Is Butler Service?

The exact services that a butler provides will vary depending on the hotel or resort you visit but they all consist of providing the guests with extra services designed to make your stay even more special. Some of the general services they do provide include unpacking and packing suitcases, making reservations for restaurants or for entertainment, doing the laundry, food deliveries, making travel arrangements, wake-up calls and they’ll even check you in and out of the establishment so you can go straight to your room when you arrive. Some will even run your bathwater and pour you glasses of champagne while you relax by the pool.

Different Types of Butlers

In general, butlers take care of the tedious things that most people don’t want to deal with while on vacation so you can completely enjoy your stay but there are different types of butlers. The services that you receive will depend on which type of butler you have.

In the article 9 Kinds of Hotel Butlers You Probably Never Knew Existed, HotelChatter talks about the different kinds of butler services offered by some luxury hotels and resorts. It’s hard to believe that some of these really exist such as the Camping Butler. The writer says, “The Camping Butler at the Paws Up Resort isn’t like a normal butler but he still makes sure guests get everything they need. He will serve up flapjacks and bacon for breakfast then get to cleaning dishes, arranging activities and stopping by the tents in the evening for turndown service.”

Can you imagine camping and having a butler there to take care of these things for you? It would definitely give new meaning to the phrase “camping out”.

It takes a special kind of person to be a butler. They have to be easy going, efficient, dependable and have lots of patience. The butler should be a good judge of character with the insight to anticipate many of your needs before you even ask. Imagine what it would feel like to know all you had to do is relax throughout the duration of your stay, while someone else took care of all the things that make vacations stressful. It would truly be an experience you’ll never forget.

One thing is for sure, the hotels and resorts that offer butler services are going that extra mile to give their guests the ultimate luxury vacation. The butler will cater to your every need, within reason of course, to make sure your stay is even better than you could imagine. It’s a service you have to try at least once.

How do you feel about having a butler take care of your needs while on vacation? Have you ever taken advantage of this type of service before? If not, is it a service that you would consider using?