Things to Do in Key West, Florida


Key West Beach Florida

If you’re planning a trip to the infamous Key West, it pays to plan ahead. You will want to know what you’re doing, or at least a general idea of it, in advance. Key West isn’t the same as it was even just a few years ago but there is still as much beauty to see and fun to be had as ever.

The 2-by-4 mile island is all about kicking off your shoes and having some fun in the sun and sand but if you’re visiting, you might not be sure of where to go to find what you need for the full, Key West experience. If you want to see the Key West that inspired Hemingway you might want to do a little more digging for that laid-back atmosphere. Tourism has made this a popular beach destination but it’s still a true Florida gem.

Here are some tips on things to do in Key West, Florida to help you make the most of your visit.

  • Watch the Turtle Race: Seriously, what better place to chill out and relax than at Key West? The Friday night turtle race at Turtle Kraals is one opportunity to unwind and experience a piece of Key West culture. It’s fun, a bit silly and a great source for laughs.
  • Bahama Village: Another great traditional part of Ky West is Bahama Village. You can stroll down Petronia Street or other areas of this historic part of the island and find old and new world charms, shops and even some great places to enjoy a bite to eat. There is also the iconic Blue Heaven restaurant found down this way.
  • Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park: This is a beautiful beach with wide stretches of sand, tranquil water, excellent opportunity for water sports and much more. You can rent kayaks or go snorkeling or just enjoy some time on the beach.
  • Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory: You will love the quiet side of Key West and there are tons of beautiful butterflies and other natural foliage and more. Great photo ops, nice quiet piece of Key West and well worth taking the time to stop in while you’re there.
  • Boat Tours: There are many different types of boat tours for you to choose from and so many different options for enjoying all that this great island has to offer. There are sightseeing tours, water sport day tours, parasailing, dolphin watching, scuba diving and so much more. You might even decide to take in more than one boat tour while you’re visiting to get more of the experience.
  • Enjoy the Nightlife: People in Key West are not drunk all the time (contrary to what you may have heard) but if you do want to party it up with some nightlife, you’ll find plenty of exciting places to do exactly that.

Whatever you decide to do in Key West, getting in some of the charm and history of this little island makes it a greater experience all around. You’ll have fun and leave with some wonderful stories to pass on to friends and family.

Do you have any ideas of things to see or do in Key West? We want to hear about it in the comments.