What You Should Know about Miami Weather before Your Visit

When preparing for a stay in Miami, knowing something about the average and potential weather conditions should be an important part of your planning. Having solid information about what to expect during your vacation can help you prepare in advance for whatever Mother Nature might decide to throw at you.

Check out this information about what you should know about Miami weather before your visit.

Average Weather Conditions

August is generally the warmest month in Miami with an average high temperature of 89 and an average low of 79.

The two coldest months of the year in Miami are December and January with average highs of 76 and 74, respectively, and lows of 64 and 61.

The three months with the highest amount of rainfall in Miami are June, August and September with the driest months being January, February, November, and December. June is generally the wettest month in Miami. The annual average rainfall is just under 60 inches, most of which falls during the wet season.

The wet season begins in May and continues through October. During the wet season, Miami experiences high humidity and temperatures in the mid 80s up to the low 90s. The heat in Miami is usually relieved somewhat by thunderstorms that are common most afternoons. On some days, a sea breeze may develop off of the Atlantic Ocean, bringing cooler temperatures. Thunderstorms and breezes may bring cooler temperatures but the conditions may still be quite muggy.

During the winter months, you don’t really have to worry about snow or flurries as flurries have only been recorded once in Miami, in January 1977.

Dress for the Weather

How you dress during your stay in Miami will depend upon the time of year you visit. The coldest months of winter experience moderate temperatures that are quite comfortable. It is unusual for temperatures in Miami to reach as low as the freezing or below range, but it does happen.

If you are visiting during the cooler months, you will want to bring a light jacket and perhaps a sweatshirt or two in anticipation of cool evenings or mornings.

During the summer months, the temperature and humidity can be quite high. Be sure to pack clothing that will keep you cool and help you not get overheated. Light colors of clothing and breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen are good choices.

Be Ready for Rain during the Wet Season

If you visit Miami during the wet season (May through October), be sure to bring an umbrella as you can plan on an afternoon rain shower on most days. Keep this in mind as you plan activities during your stay.

Be Prepared

Plan ahead with knowledge of the weather expectations and enjoy your stay in one of Miami’s fine, luxury hotels. Don’t let the weather put a damper on your vacation. Learn what to expect and plan accordingly.