Miami’s Best Breakfast Restaurants

Miami RestaurantsAmong many other things, Miami is well known for its exciting nightlife. Almost every night of the week, bars and nightclubs on South Beach are packed with people enjoying themselves late into the night. As a way to balance out that incredible nightlife, it’s only natural for Miami to also have a number of great breakfast restaurants to give the party people of Miami a place to get a good meal and recharge their batteries the morning after a night out. Here are some of the best places to eat breakfast in Miami.

Green Street Café

Located in Coconut Grove, the Green Street Café is a great spot if you want to refuel after a crazy adventure the night before or if you want to fuel up for a long day of sightseeing in Miami. Visitors can sit outdoors and enjoy the Miami sun early in the day before it gets too hot. While sitting outside, there is a wide variety of French toast, pancakes, and omelets, as well as smaller options like bagels, egg, and fruit. Perhaps best of all, if you require a little hair of the dog or would like to enjoy an A.M. cocktail, Green Street Café offers Sangria, Bloody Mary’s, and a nice selection of beverages to go with your breakfast.


Located in the sophisticated Biltmore Hotel, Fontana is one of the best breakfast places in the area south of downtown Miami. In addition to being so elegantly decorated, the restaurant offers plenty of fresh fruit and pastries for those looking for a small breakfast. For anyone in search of something more substantial, there are pancakes, Belgian waffles, and an endless variety of omelets and frittatas, both of which can be made just the way you like it. If you’re fortunate enough to stop by Fontana on a Sunday, you can check out the restaurant’s champagne brunch buffet, which is guaranteed to overwhelm you with options, including a chocolate fountain in case you want to eat your first dessert earlier in the day than usual.

Front Porch Café

If you don’t want to leave South Beach for your breakfast, you don’t have to, just visit the Front Porch Café. This is a casual, laid-back restaurant with an oceanfront view, so the vibe and location are ideal for a relaxing breakfast. The food isn’t bad either. In addition to traditional favorites like pancakes, French toast, and breakfast pastries, the Front Porch Café offers more than a dozen different types of omelets, three types of eggs Benedict, and several delectable scrambled egg dishes. There is also a breakfast pizza, breakfast burritos, and even breakfast tacos, giving you far more options than you could ever need to have a delicious breakfast.

Eleventh Street Diner

This diner is a great place to start your day when visiting South Beach, and because breakfast is served all day you can stop in for your first meal of the day no matter what time you wake up. The Eleventh Street Diner may not blow you away with elaborate breakfast dishes, but all the basics are here, including steak & eggs, salmon & eggs, waffles, pancakes, and a dozen different types of omelets. If you want to take your chances with something fancy, there are other options, but if you want a guarantee of a hearty and tasty breakfast, Eleventh Street Diner is the place to go.

Miami’s Top Social Hot Spots

summer time travelIf you consider yourself a social butterfly, then Miami may be the place for you. Even if you can’t live there and soak up all that South Beach has to offer year round, paying a visit to Miami should be on the agenda of anyone who likes to get out there and have a good time. The nightlife and social scene in Miami are second to none, and they’re available to you 365 days a year. The possibilities are almost endless, but here are a few of the most top social hotspots in Miami.


Located on the former site of the club Vagabond, Steam combines the laid back vibe that Vagabond was known for with a more up-tempo and high-energy type of club. This club features a dance floor, state-of-the-art sound system, and top-notch DJs on the inside, as well as a spacious and relaxed outdoor space that’s perfect for a low-key hangout or a planned party. On top of giving you the choice between dance floor and outdoor lounge, Steam is also known for having friendly and professional personnel, reasonably priced drinks, and being free of a cover charge most nights. It’s a casual club that makes you feel welcome and allows you to be yourself and have fun. Come once and there’s a good chance you’ll want to come back.


Haven is a unique blend of restaurant, lounge, and nightclub, making it one of Miami’s most popular venues night after night. The food Haven serves is organic but of the utmost quality, making it a great place to grab a bite to eat. However, the drinks may be even better, as Haven is home to some of the best mixologists in Miami who do nothing but make high-end cocktails. With food and drink well covered, Haven also creates a fantastic atmosphere with neon lights, a video wall, and great music. Whether you want to dance, drink, and have fun or relax with a nice meal, Haven has you covered, and because the club spares no expense when it comes to décor, you’ll be entranced at the beautiful setting around you no matter what your reason is for visiting this South Beach hot spot.


The latest twist on the traditional nightclub can be found on the bottom floor of the Miami Beach EDITION hotel. The club that’s appropriately called Basement offers hotel guests and other visitors a nightclub and a whole lot more. First and foremost, Basement is a nightclub very much in the style of Studio 54, welcoming top-flight DJs who crank out tunes amidst a fantastic light show that gives guests the energy and motivation they need to dance the night away. But that’s not all Basement offers; the club is also home to a bowling alley and an ice skating rink. The bowling alley features luminescent bowling balls, lighting effects, and massive LED screens, blowing away any bowling alley you’ve ever visited before. Meanwhile, the skating rink is 2,000 square feet, providing plenty of space for guests to skate while enjoying the type of music and light display often reserved for nightclubs. With so much to do beyond the average nightclub, Basement has quickly become a popular hangout spot on South Beach.

Miami’s Best Pizza Places

Miami businessWherever you go, from small towns to big cities and everywhere in between, you’re bound to find a suitable pizza joint, and the city of Miami is no exception. Of course, with Miami being such a culturally diverse city with influence from all over the world, there is a wide array of unique and distinct pizza places throughout South Florida. Here are just a few of the great pizza places that Miami has to offer.

Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza

Andiamo is a genuine Italian-American restaurant with a great amount of influence from New York City and other parts of the northeast. The dough is made fresh daily, the ingredients are brought in fresh daily, and the pizzas are cooked in a brick oven, making it difficult to find a pizza place in Miami that serves a higher quality pie. Andiamo features more than two-dozen expertly crafted pizza choices, as well as the option to create your own pie from an extensive list of exquisite ingredients. If the pizza selection isn’t extensive enough, Andiamo also offers sandwiches and salads, and has a wide selection of beer and wine choices. There’s also outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your favorite pizza while basking in Miami’s warmth.

Pucci’s Pizza

Pucci’s is a genuine Brooklyn pizza shop that’s found in the heart of South Beach. They hand toss their dough and cook their pizzas in a brick oven, while offering all the classic pie types, such as meat lovers, all white, chicken Alfredo, and chicken bacon ranch. The key to their pizza success is using some of the best cheese on the market, which complements the other ingredients and makes the pizza taste fresh. Pucci’s also offers hot and cold sandwiches, wings, salads, and plenty of entrees, but the Brooklyn style pizza is why it’s one of the top pizza places on South Beach.

Harry’s Pizzeria

Harry’s is one of the classiest pizza places in Miami, with two locations, one in Coconut Grove and the other in the Design District. It serves a slightly more up-scale clientele, but the higher prices are well worth it. With whole-wheat flour, Lucini Italia extra-virgin olive oil, and some of the finest local ingredients, Harry’s is able to create some of the most delicious pizza you’ve ever tasted. The pie options are eclectic, including Oyster Mushroom, Rock Shrimp, Braised Fennel, Slow Roasted Pork, and more. The menu also includes a variety of great salads and a different entre for each day of the week, but the incredible selection of gourmet pizzas makes it a place that any pizza lover has to visit.


This place is the closest thing to Italy that you’ll find in Miami, as owner Graziano Sbroggio was born and raised in Italy, where his parents owned a restaurant. For starters, the outdoor seating and the high volume of foot traffic nearby create a charming setting for either dinner or lunch. The nearly 20 different varieties of pizza on the menu give you a true taste of Italy, including Carbonara, Cotto E Funghi, Tutta Carne, Genovese, and more. Those pizzas are complemented perfectly by the restaurant’s selection of beer and wine, many of which also hail from Italy, giving you an authentic Italian pizza experience.

Miami’s Best Cocktail Bars

Miami Beach VacationMiami is well known as a place where people can go to relax and take it easy, and there’s no better way to relax and enjoy yourself than with a cocktail in hand. Fortunately, Miami is not a BYOB type of city. Just about anywhere you go in Miami, there’s a poolside bar, a cocktail lounge, or some place nearby where you can get an adult beverage. The options are nearly endless and it’s hard to go wrong wherever you go, but here are some of the best places in Miami to enjoy a cocktail.

Regent Cocktail Club

In some ways, having a drink at the Regent Cocktail Club inside the Gale South Beach hotel is like going back in time. This place creates a delightful atmosphere with the playing of soulful jazz music and an old-school vibe that makes it one of the classiest cocktail destinations on South Beach. The Regent is also home to some of the best bartenders in Miami, as they create unique and delicious variations of classic cocktails on a daily basis. The service, the setting, and the drinks are all top of the line and among the best you’ll find in Miami.

Ball & Chain

If you find yourself in Little Havana, the place to go for a cocktail is Ball & Chain. This place was a happening jazz club when it first opened in 1935, and remained so until it closed in 1957. Fortunately, it was brought back to life in 2014 and has picked up where it left off nearly six decades earlier. Ball & Chain remains a great location to listen to live jazz music, and it has a food and drink menu that is as unique as the bar’s history. The Cuban influence is obvious in the type of signature cocktails they make, giving customers a wide array of unique and tasty options. Between that and the history of the club, Ball & Chain is truly a special place.

The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach is one of the newest cocktail bars in Miami, and it may be the most unique bar you ever step foot in. This place takes mixology to the next level, treating homemade cocktails as if they are prescription medications. If guests need a stress reliever, a painkiller, or an aphrodisiac, there are cocktails at the Drawing Room specifically designed to solve those problems through the right combination of alcohol, fruit, Japanese herbs, and perhaps a few special ingredients. This is undoubtedly one of the most innovative cocktail bars in Miami, and a place worth checking out whether there’s something that ails you or not.

The Corner

Finally, if you’re in Miami but in the mood for a little taste of New Orleans, simply find your way to the Corner on the outskirts of downtown Miami. The place is a little on the small side, but the ambiance is reminiscent of a New Orleans speakeasy, as are the cocktails offered, which can go toe to toe with any bar on Bourbon Street. Of course, there’s enough South Florida culture in the bar to keep you from thinking you’ve left Miami. Perhaps the best part about the Corner is the fact that it stays open more or less until the sun comes up, closing at 5 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on weekends, so if you want one last drink or feel like partying all night, find your way to the Corner.

Top Ice Cream Shops in Miami

Plate of vanilla ice cream in MiamiIn a city like Miami when it’s almost always sunny and warm, it’s only natural that residents and guests alike will gravitate towards ice cream. Heading to your favorite ice cream stand or parlor is a summer tradition no matter where you live, and in Miami it’s something that can be done year round. Luckily, the city of Miami does not disappoint when it comes to ice cream, and here are a few places that you have to check out.

Azucar Ice Cream Company

Tucked away in Little Havana, Azucar Ice Cream Company has a flavor listing that will blow your mind. They offer over two-dozen signature flavors, including the must-try Abuela Maria, a trademark of Azucar. Many of the flavors come with fun names like Beam Me Up, which is Bourbon-Heath Bar, or Mulatica, which is Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie. Azucar also has a wide array of seasonal flavors they break out during certain times of year, such as Pumpkin Flan, Berry Christmas, and Crème de Vie, which is Egg Nog. If you’re looking for a huge selection of unique flavors you never thought you’d find in an ice cream parlor, Azucar Ice Cream Company is the place to go.

Whip ‘n Dip Ice Cream

Another place with a great selection of flavors is Whip ‘n Dip Ice Cream. This place makes all of their ice cream in house from locally sourced ingredients, and it’s always coming up with new flavors, with Banana Nut Chip, Bulldog Blitz, Pineapple Sorbet, and Snow Capped Andes Chocolate being among the favorite flavors of their regulars. What also makes Whip ‘n Dip great is that they also offer all of the usual items you’d find in a good old fashioned ice cream stand like sundaes, banana splits, shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and frozen bananas. Also, if you need an ice cream cake for whatever reason, this is the place to go; they make cakes of all different sizes that can accommodate anywhere from four to 50 people.

Walls Old Fashioned Ice Cream

Finally there’s Walls Old Fashioned Ice Cream, which is an ice cream parlor that’s a little small in size but massive in taste. There are over two-dozen flavors available year round, from traditional favorites like Chocolate and Coffee to stuff you won’t see anywhere else like Superman and Mantecado, as well as seasonal favorites like Pumpkin and Egg Nog. But flavors are the least of what Walls offers. This place offers two unforgettable sundaes, the Cookies Monster Sundae and the Peanut Butter Deluxe Sundae, in addition to an epic Banana Split and an Old Fashioned Strawberry Soda, which hits the spot perfectly on a hot Miami day. On top of all that, Walls also offers homemade fudge in more than half a dozen different flavors, including Pistachio, Chewy Praline, and Cookies N Cream. With great ice cream and homemade fudge under the same roof, it’s no wonder Walls has been named Miami’s best ice cream parlor on multiple occasions.

Shopping Hotspots in Miami

default_business_servicesWe all know that Miami is best known for its beautiful beaches and its crazy nightlife, but that’s not all that the city has to offer. Miami is also a great city for shopping, as it’s arguably the fashion capitol of the South. Whether you want to drain your savings account on a wild shopping spree or simply want to buy an item or two to help remember your vacation, Miami has plenty of great shopping options. Here are some of the shopping hotspots in Miami that you should know about.

Bal Harbour Shops

If you’ve come to Miami looking for class and luxury, the place to go is Bal Harbour Shops. This mall has dozens of high-end stores all in one place, so much so that you will think you’ve been transplanted to New York, Paris, Milan, or one of the other fashion capitols of the world. Bal Harbour Shops being an open-air facility makes the shopping experience even more enjoyable, as you can still feel the Miami sunshine beating down on you and won’t feel like you’re wasting the day away being inside.

For those without endless funds to spend, Bal Harbour Shops can still be an enjoyable shopping destination. The high-end designers are mixed in with enough reasonably priced stores to make it worthwhile for those on a budget. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, window-shopping in such a beautiful locale that also offers quite a few enticing restaurant options is a great way to spend the day for anyone who loves shopping.

Aventura Mall

For a more traditional shopping experience, check out Aventura Mall. It may seem like every other mall you’ve ever been to, except it’s bigger and better. A recent renovation has turned Aventura Mall into a beautiful space for spending a day for anyone who loves shopping. Aventura Mall offers six major department stores and hundreds of other specialty stores, ranging from the kinds of high-end stores you’ll find in major fashion centers and smaller, family-owned shops.

There are so many options at Aventura Mall that it’s easy to lose track of time while moving from store to store. Just in case you stay longer than expected and work up a hunger, there are over a dozen great dining options, covering all types of cuisines for whatever you’re craving.

Bayside Marketplace

Finally, if you want to combine being a tourist in Miami with your love of shopping, Bayside Marketplace may be the ideal place to go. Bayside Marketplace is located right on the water, producing dazzling views while you shop, as well as the option of going sightseeing or hopping on a party ship from the dock right at the mall itself. This gives less shopping-savvy people alternative entertainment options and allows you to break up your day of shopping with something touristy.

As for the shopping available at Bayside Marketplace, you’ll find many of the same stores, restaurants, and food court options that are available to you at other malls. However, there are just enough unique stores with south Florida flare, as well as bars and restaurants that you won’t find anywhere else, to make going to Bayside Marketplace a worthwhile venture during your visit to Miami.