Qualities Of A Great Hotel Spa

Tiki Hut And Bar By Swimming Pool Of Luxury HotelOne of the main reasons why you take a luxury vacation is to relax and what better way to do that than by visiting a spa. Getting a spa treatment can help you de-stress and that’s something that everyone needs once in a way. It’s so relaxing that you can’t help but forget about everything else for a while and it helps to rejuvenate your mind and body at the same time.

Most people feel like a whole new person after leaving a spa. It helps to improve your mood, build self-esteem and it has many health benefits. For example, it improves circulation, which can help reduce the risks of having a heart attack or stroke and it can help regulate your blood pressure.

Now that you know going to a spa has many health benefits on top of being a great way to relax, you can see why so many people choose to spend their time at the spa when on a luxury vacation. Most luxury hotels offer spa services but they do vary considerably. Some just offer massages while others offer treatments you may not have even heard of before, so finding the right hotel spa is very important.

Three Qualities of Great Hotel Spa

Before you make reservations for your luxury vacation in Miami, find out what kind of spa the hotel offers. Scheduling a day or even two at the spa is a great way to enhance your vacation but only if the hotel has a great spa.

Below are three qualities of a great hotel spa to look for when booking your stay:

  1. The staff is genuinely happy to see you and they make you feel welcome. No one can relax in an environment where they don’t feel welcome or where they feel like the staff is just doing their job. When you go to the spa, you deserve special treatment and it needs to be provided in a relaxing environment. That can only happen when the staff is friendly and professional.
  2. It will have areas where you can sit and relax before and after your spa treatments. The whole point of going to the spa is to relax, so you don’t want to rush in and back out again. Spending some time in a sauna, Jacuzzi or steam room will help get you ready for your spa treatment. Sitting by the pool or relaxing in the lounge filled with comfortable seating, soft music and the scent of aromatherapy oils after your session will help add to the overall experience.
  3. The massage room will also have a private changing room and shower. This offers the ultimate in privacy and it can help make the experience more enjoyable. Not everyone is comfortable changing in front of others or walking from one area to another in a robe. In fact, it can even create stress, which will make it harder to relax during your treatment.

Need Help Finding the Best Hotel for Your Vacation

If you need help choosing your hotel, our friendly staff here at Luxury Rentals Miami Beach can help you find the perfect hotel and spa and there are several options available. For example, when you stay at the Acqualina Hotel, you’ll have access to the Acqualina Spa By ESPA, which is rated one of the best in Florida. Another option would be the Ritz Carlton Hotel where you can relax at the South Beach Spa, which has been recognized as the best day spa in Miami.

Spending time at the spa will help make your luxury vacation complete, so be sure to take advantage of this service while visiting Miami. We can help match you to the luxury hotel and spa that best suits your needs based on where you want to spend your vacation and the spa services you would like to enjoy.

Luxury Hotel Christmas Decorations: How Do You Feel about Them?

The Christmas season is filled with festivities and excitement and many people really go all out with their decorations. Decorating for Christmas is a tradition that’s fun and exciting and many people look forward to it all year long. We decorate our homes with flashing lights and all types of festive ornaments and Christmas themed displays.

But when you’re traveling on your luxury vacation, do you really want to be overwhelmed with Christmas decorations? When does decorating for the holidays become too much and how does it affect your vacation plans? Where should they draw the line or is this one of those things where the more you have, the better? It all comes down to a matter of opinion but one thing is for sure, when staying at one of the luxury rentals in Miami or anywhere else in the world, you’ll most likely see some type of Christmas decorations designed for your enjoyment.

Decorations You Can Expect to See

Most hotels decorate for the Christmas holidays and you can expect to see everything from a small, carefully decorated Christmas tree to all types of scenery that includes Santa clause, snowmen, reindeer and many festive lights adorning both the inside and outside of the establishment.

Some hotels go all out with their decorations like the one HotelChatter talks about in the article, OMG. JW Marriott Desert Ridge Has Unveiled a Life-Size Gingerbread Village. The writer says, “Hotels love building gingerbread houses for Christmastime but the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix has gone above and beyond with their first life-size, walk-through Gingerbread Village.”

Could you imagine walking through a life-size Gingerbread Village lining the hallway of your luxury hotel? It would be a unique experience to say the least.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Christmas Decorations

Luxury hotels all over the world will decorate using traditional decorations that include the fir trees, lights, icicles, snowflakes, candles and themed nativity scenes. You’ll see snowmen, Santa clause and the famous reindeer but not all luxury hotels will stick to the traditional decorations. They’ll also be a wide variety of non-traditional Christmas decorations that includes teddy bear trees or the Victorian theme that includes crystal glass, silver vessels and brass candle stands.

Regardless of how they decorate, all hotels have one thing in common. They have to decide how much to decorate and choosing the best decorations is a real challenge. They want to cater to all types of guests to make your stay a pleasant one, so it will be something you’ll always remember.

Why Do Hotels Go All Out for Christmas?

Many hotel managers seem to believe that it creates a homely environment for their guests. It gives you that home away from home feeling and no doubt, many people love the efforts that go into creating these amazing decorations. On the other hand, you have wonder if it’s all really necessary. Do the majority of people taking a luxury vacation during the Christmas holidays really care that much about seeing the extravagant decorations or would they be just as happy with something simple?

Is it possible that many guests simply look forward to a relaxing vacation in a luxury hotel where they can be pampered throughout their stay and while the decorations are nice, they don’t really mean that much? When you think about all the money these establishments put into decorating for the Christmas holidays and how much of the expense gets passed on to the guests, you have to wonder if it’s really worth it.

How do you feel about these hotel decorations? Do you think it’s a great idea and do you look forward to seeing them or would you be just as happy if they kept it to a minimum with just a tree and a few basic decorations?


Are Luxury Hotels Eliminating Room Service?

Room service and luxury hotels just seem to go together. When you think of one, you usually think of the other but that may soon change. The hospitality industry is changing to meet the needs of its guests and room service is not as popular today as it once was. In the past, the kitchen staff in many hotels stayed busy throughout the day and night preparing meals for guests on a moment’s notice, as the calls for room service came in but that is no longer the case.

Room service has been around for as long as there have been luxury hotels. Many travelers have come to expect this service when staying at four and five star hotels in South Beach or any other area and there are the times when you can really appreciate it. After traveling all day to reach your destination, many travelers just want to unpack and relax in their room for a while. Many times, you arrive at your destination in the middle of the night so all you want is a good meal and some sleep.

Some people just look forward to relaxing and having a nice quiet meal together in their room. This can be very romantic and in some cases where vacationers are traveling with small children, it can be a huge relief. Travelers will gladly pay high prices for a meal just for the convenience but it is possible this will no longer be an option one day.

Why the Change

While there are still many travelers who look forward to this service, many others never take advantage of it. In fact, it would appear that fewer travelers order room service every year. Many hotels are losing revenue by keeping their kitchens open 24/7 despite the high prices you have pay for this service and they are looking for alternatives. For this reason, many luxury rental hotels in Miami and all over the US are searching for ways to reduce this cost while still providing guests with other options to try.

What Should Vacationers Expect In the Future

You can’t eliminate room service and not give guests some type of alternative so rumors of these changes have many people wondering, what should vacationers and other travelers expect in the future when staying in a luxury hotel that no longer offers this service? What other options will you have for obtaining food after the normal business hours for hotel restaurants?

According to entrepreneur, “In the last year both the Hilton and Doubletree brands began testing and rolling out a cross-section of 24-hour alternatives to room service, including packaged gourmet take-out and meals that can be ordered in advance and picked up from the lobby, restaurant or market, so that they can be eaten anywhere travelers might want to take their tablet and their meal.”

Another option some hotels are considering includes 24-hour food marts. While you will most likely have other options for acquiring a meal after hours, nothing will ever be as convenient as room service. With these alternatives, you’ll have to physically go and pick up your order and take it back to your room.

The reasoning behind the change is understandable but you have to ask the question, is it still considered a luxury hotel if they eliminate room service? After all, it is one of the things that helped to make luxury hotels what they are today and it’s nice to know the option is there if you decide to use it.

How do you feel about having room service? If your favorite luxury hotel stopped offering this service, would you miss it? Would you still stay in a luxury hotel that didn’t offer it or look for another place to stay on your next luxury vacation?

The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami: The Ultimate in Luxury and Relaxation

Imagine spending your vacation in a luxury rental hotel overlooking the gorgeous Biscayne Bay. Now imagine the hotel having a beautiful architectural design and artistic decor that captures your interest right from the start. Add in friendly, professional service and all the amenities you need to have a wonderful luxury vacation and you have the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.

Luxury Rentals Miami Beach is now offering a 2 bedroom bay view rental at the Four Seasons Hotel. This luxurious rental offers 1801 square feet of space and access to all the amenities this AAA, 5-Diamond hotel has to offer. You may also want to consider renting one of the long-term residences at the hotel if you’re planning on staying in Miami for awhile. It’s just like living in an apartment because these rentals include full kitchens, stylish decor and you have access to the pool, fitness center and all other services offered by the hotel.

It’s in a Prime Location

Location is everything when you’re on vacation because you don’t want to waste time traveling between destinations and The Four Seasons Hotel sits in a prime location. You’re right in the middle of everything. You can take a stroll on the beach, dine at some of the finest restaurants or check out some of the hottest nightclubs in Miami, all of which is just a short distance from the hotel.

The Architecture and Decor is Simply Beautiful

The 221 guestrooms that make up the Four Seasons Hotel combine European elegance with modern simplicity to create a unique and sophisticated environment that is perfect for all types of vacationers. This hotel is decorated with amazing sculptures and beautiful artwork all created between the sixteenth and ninetieth century that you have to see to believe.

It stands 70 stories high and has a tower made from glass and granite where you can see the reflections of the Biscayne Bay. In addition to its beauty, one thing that makes the Four Seasons Hotel so popular is that it has a little something for all visitors.

It’s a Couples Retreat

Are you searching for a romantic getaway with your special someone? This is the place to stay while on your luxury vacation in Miami. You can relax by the main pool located on the seventh floor terrace sipping on your favorite cocktail or take advantage of one of the complimentary cabanas where you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

Another option is to spend the day together enjoying a spa treatment to help rejuvenate your whole body. If you think the spa is just for women, think again. The spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami has several treatments for men that include the Gentlemen’s Facial treatment and the Zen body massage, which is specifically designed to help restore the male balance. Both of you will feel refreshed and ready for anything.

It’s Great for Families Too

The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami has just as much to offer families as it does couples. The spacious rooms make it easy for families to relax because you have space to move around freely. You don’t have to pay extra for your kids under the age of 18 and the hotel even offers babysitting services if you want to visit one of the nearby nightclubs. There’s also a pool suited for every age so the whole family can enjoy spending time swimming and soaking up the rays.

Hotel Amenities

The Four Seasons Hotel in Miami offers a wide variety of amenities from HD LCD TVs to wireless Internet service. The concierge service is excellent and you can even request housekeeping services so you can enjoy every minute of your vacation. All guests at the hotel have access to The Sports Club/LA where you can enjoy a great workout during your stay. The hotel also offers onsite restaurant(s) so you don’t have to leave the premises to enjoy fine dining and the furnishings is everything you would expect from a luxury hotel from the down pillows and duvets to the complementary bathrobes.


Spend Your Luxury Vacation at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami

Four Seasons BrickellLuxury Rentals Miami Beach now offers luxury rentals from the Four Seasons Hotel Miami and you can take advantage of our 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo that sleeps four people on your next luxury vacation. This non-smoking room is located on the 32nd floor of this AAA 5-Diamond hotel and it’s the ultimate in luxury with a beautiful view of the bay.

The Four Seasons Hotel Miami is located on Brickell Avenue right in the middle of downtown Miami. You can’t find a better location especially if you want to be close to the bars and clubs that have helped to make Miami famous. You’re also close to many fine restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of different foods depending on what you’re in the mood for.

The hotel stands 70 stories high, towering above the Miami’s skyline and the view is spectacular. The beautiful Biscayne Bay is only a block away. You can see its reflection glittering in the glass and granite tower, which gives the building a sense of style and superiority. It’s a beautiful sight to see that adds to the relaxing environment and the inside is even more impressive.

Guest Rooms

The hotel has 221 stunning and spacious guest rooms that offer panoramic views of the surrounding area. The spacious guest rooms are designed for comfort with at least 500 square feet of room to move around and relax. The Executive Suites provide a separate bedroom for privacy and the Presidential Suite on the top floor has three bedrooms.

If you’re planning an extended stay, the Four Seasons Hotel Miami offers long-term residences, too. Imagine living close to many of the finest restaurants in Miami, within walking distant to the clubs and so close to the Bay you can see it from your room. These rentals have a full kitchen, stylish and comfortable furnishings and you have access to all the hotels services and amenities.

Hotel Amenities and Services

The amenities at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami are second to none. The beds include down pillows and duvets and if you have allergies you can request hypoallergenic pillows. Complementary waffle or terry bathrobes, Ortigia bath products and a make-up mirror and hair dryer are also included with your room. The rooms are equipped with a refrigerated private bar, telephone with multi-lines and voicemail and a safe to keep all your valuables secure. Coffee makers, refrigerators and microwaves for your room are available upon request.

You can have access to housekeeping twice a day and receive turndown services and complementary newspapers. Each room has HD LCD TVs, satellite TV and news cable networks in addition to an iHome docking station for your iPhone or iPad. The hotel will provide a DVD player and access to a large collection of DVDs if you request it. You also have access to both wired and wireless internet service and all rooms come with washers and dryers for your convenience.

The Sports Club/LA

If you enjoy working out and want to stay in shape, the Sports Club/LA offers over a 100 fitness classes each week and the Four Seasons Hotel Miami guests have free access to the gym. It’s located on the fourth floor of the hotel. In addition to the amazing view of the city, you’ll have access to a private locker room, reception area, high-tech cardiovascular equipment with personal TVs and complementary towels, juice and water.


Guests at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami have access to a spa and two deluxe outdoor pools with pool service. They offer proficient concierge services, valet parking and an on-site restaurant. If you or anyone in your party uses a wheelchair, they also have wheelchair-equipped rooms.

You can take advantage of their babysitting services so you have a little time alone if you’re traveling with children. There is no extra charge for families traveling with kids under 18 provided there is enough space in the room to accommodate everyone. The Four Seasons Hotel Miami is a great option when planning your luxury vacation so book your stay today.

Should Hotels Use Wind Turbines to Help Reduce Energy Usage?

Wind turbines are a great source of clean energy and many places already use them as an alternative energy source but did you ever expect to see them on top of luxury rental hotels in Miami or other big cities? Most turbines are located in rural areas, so seeing them on top of a five star luxury hotel may seem like something you would see in a futuristic movie, not real life but it’s something to think about.

Would it really be so bad to see turbines in our cities and populated areas if it meant using a clean energy source to cut back on both energy consumption and pollution? The hospitality industry is one of the largest in the world and it takes a huge amount of energy to keep luxury condos, hotel, villas and similar rental properties operating efficiently.

Finding ways to reduce energy consumption as much as possible will reduce the cost for these establishments to operate, which also creates savings that can be passed on to consumers. It will also help conserve the world’s natural resources, which is vital for the survival of the planet and its inhabitants.

Are There Any Major Hotel Chains Using Wind Turbines Now?

There are actually a few hotels scattered across the United States that have already taking the first step and started using wind turbines as an alternative clean power source, in addition to the traditional energy used to run their establishment. This is a great accomplishment for these hotels and they should be commended for their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s a huge step in the right direction and when you combine other energy saving tactics such as using energy saving appliances or recycling, it has even more of an impact.

The Hilton in Fort Lauderdale has recently installed wind turbines on the roof of their establishment and it’s getting a lot of attention. Hotelchatter.com had this to say about the Hilton, “The symbolism of the six turbines is definitely a welcome sight for the hotel industry, a move that speaks volumes in terms of Hilton’s determination to be environmentally friendly.”

The Hilton has made many other changes to go green with their hotels but this is the first one to install wind turbines. However, it’s probably safe to say that it won’t be the last, especially since it will help to cut the cost to operate their hotel in addition to saving energy.

Why Aren’t More Hotels and Other Industries Taking Advantage of Wind Turbines

Since turbines are a clean energy source, you may wonder why more industries don’t make the change and install turbines. It can be expensive but they will more than pay for the cost of installation after a few short years, so why is it taking so long for industries to make a change? Well, many people don’t like the sight of the turbines and they believe it will lower their property values, so they don’t want them in their cities and communities.

However, with big name luxury rental hotels like the Hilton installing wind turbines, it’s sure to make quite an impression on other establishments and industries. Conserving energy is something that everyone needs to do but when large industries make this type of big change, it makes a huge impact.

When consumers and other businesses see a hotel using turbines, it’s a constant reminder of how important conserving energy is and it will motivate others to take steps to go green. Not everyone can install wind turbines in their facility but other options are available that can help cut energy usage such as solar panels. For those who could use turbines but don’t because they are thought to be an eyesore by some people, it’s a reminder that conserving energy should be more important than appearance.

How do you feel about big industries using wind turbines as an alternative energy source? Would you like to see more hotels installing them in the near future?

Would You Want Hotel Staff to Unpack for You?

If you were staying in a luxury Miami Hotel, would you like the staff unpacking your bags for you? With all of the services hotels and other luxury rentals offer today, this type of service could be very popular one day. The hospitality industry is always changing and looking for new, innovated ways to make guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Each corporation wants your business and they are willing to go that extra mile to ensure you have everything you need or that you could possibly want, within reason of course. They want you to return to their establishment on your next visit, so they do everything they can to make your stay something special you’ll always remember.

It’s for this reason, the idea of luxury rentals in Miami and other cities offering to unpack your bag or repack it when it’s time to check out, is not very hard to imagine. After all, packing and unpacking is a daunting task that takes up a portion of your vacation that you could be out having fun. Many vacationers dread this part of their trip, especially the repacking to return home.

Not Having to Unpack or Repack Your Suitcases Has Benefits

If you didn’t have to unpack your suitcases, you could go out for a meal, get out to the beach or go relax by the pool as soon as you arrive at your destination. The staff will take care of this annoying task for you, so when you return to your room, everything would be in its proper place.

They would hang up all your clothing and put away your personal items in the drawers, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can get straight into enjoying your vacation. On checkout day, the staff will repack your suitcases while you take that last dip in the pool or while you get that last minute spa treatment in before your journey home.

Would You Take Advantage of This Service If It Were Available

If this service were available, would you take advantage of it? When answering this question, you have to ask yourself if you would really feel comfortable having a stranger handle all of your personal items. How would you feel knowing that someone is seeing all of your personal hygiene products and packing your undergarments into a drawer? It certainly gives you a lot to think about.

There is also the issue of finding a particular item because you would probably have to spend a few minutes looking for it since you’re not the one putting things away. It could also be annoying for those who organize their clothing and personal belongings in a certain way. The person providing this service won’t know about any special order you may follow when putting up your belongings and if it’s not like you want, then you may have to redo it anyway.

Does Anyone Offer This Service Now?

Now that you’re thinking about what it would be like to have someone unpack and pack your bags while on you Miami luxury vacation, you’re probably wondering if anyone is offering this service now. As it turns out, a few extraordinary hotels do already offer this type of service and Hotelchatter.com wanted to know, “Do luxury travelers really let someone else unpack and pack their bags?

It would appear that some guests do and you have to check out the procedure HotelChatter learned about that one prestigious hotel uses when repacking the bags for the trip home. You’re sure to be as intrigued as they were!

There’s definitely going to be a lot of mixed feelings about this type of service. While it has its advantages, there are a few drawbacks, too. For some, it may not be any different from taking your clothing to the dry cleaner or having a live in maid that handles everything at home for you but for others, it may feel awkward and a little intimidating.

How would you feel about trusting a complete stranger in your room, alone, handling all of your personal belongings? Would you want to try it at least once just to see what it’s like?