Book Your Vacation at the W Hotel in South Beach

W Hotel Miami BeachWhen vacationing in Miami, consider booking your stay at the W Hotel in South Beach. This is one of the best luxury hotels in the area. Staying at this hotel is a great way to make your vacation one of the best you’ll ever have. These modern hotels are designed for comfort and they are some of the most stylish hotels you’ll ever stay in. Instead of feeling like a guest, you’ll feel like royalty and that is not a feeling that you can get from just any hotel.

The W Hotel in South Beach, like all of the W Hotels, has its own unique style and personality that is inspired by its surroundings. This is one of the things that make this particular hotel chain stand out from all the others. Here are a few more of the features that make this luxury hotel the one to book on your next vacation trip to Miami.

The Luxury Rooms are Peaceful and Comfortable

Being cramped up in a hotel room can make your stay uncomfortable and a little stressful because you don’t have any personal space but you won’t have that problem when W Hotel Miami Beachstaying at the W Hotel in South Beach. The rooms are huge and beautifully decorated creating a refuge where you can go to get comfortable and relax in style when you need a rest from the excitement of the city or gorgeous beach.

While in your room, relax on the private glass balcony overlooking the ocean, slip into the complementary plush bathrobes and slippers while dining in or have a late night snack. You can call room service to deliver or depending on which suite you choose, you can whip something up on your own using the modern appliances in the full service kitchenette.

Things to Do in the Area

While the luxury rooms at the W Hotel are so comfortable you may find it hard to leave, when you do venture out, there are many options for entertainment in the immediate area. You can sunbath by one of the WET pools, relax at one of the five beach bars or dine in some of the most famous restaurants in Miami such as Mr. Chow, Chef Andrew Carmellini’s and The Dutch without ever having to leave the premises.

If you’re searching for something a little more exciting, visit one of the many attractions in South Beach that includes galleries, museums and parks. You can also hit the beach, play a round of golf or go shopping at some of the best shops in the nation.

The W Hotel also has a state-of-the-art fitness center and rooftop basketball and tennis courts where you can stay in shape and have a good time. You can also take a break from reality at the Bliss Spa, where you’ll be pampered and treated like a star. If you want something a little more romantic, go for a stroll with a loved one through the lush secret garden or have a private getaway in one of the bungalows.


The hospitality is another great reason to stay at the W Hotel in South Beach when vacationing in Miami. The staff is friendly and they know how to make you feel welcome. You have every amenity you can think of and the staff is available 24/7 to take care of your needs.

Everyone that knows anything about Miami knows that driving can be a little stressful but when you stay at the W Hotel in South Beach, you have everything you need and there is plenty to do within walking distance. This allows you to enjoy more of your vacation time by cutting out driving time, which makes you vacation a little less stressful and lot more fun.

Have you ever stayed at the W Hotel in South Beach Miami? How did you enjoy your stay?

Turn Your Luxury Miami Vacation into an Adventure: Visit the Everglades National Park

Miami is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the United States with many fun and exciting things to do. However, there is a lot more to Miami than the beautiful white sandy beaches, nightclubs and fine dining options. If you’re searching for something a little more exotic, turn your luxury Miami vacation into an adventure by visiting the Everglades National Park.

There is no other place anywhere in the United States like the Everglades National Park. It consists of sub-tropical jungles, mangrove swamps and prairies all mixed together to create a unique and exciting environment for you to explore. Since it’s only located about 45 miles from Downtown Miami, you can rent a luxury villa, penthouse or hotel in or near the city. You can then visit the park once or twice during your stay for a wonderful and exciting adventure that will make your vacation one you’ll never forget.

Things to Do in the Park

One of the best ways to see the Everglades is to take a guided tour of the park. A couple of the guided tours are free and they last about an hour. You can also take advantage of one of the paid tours that takes you on a more in-depth adventure. These usually take about two and a half hours to complete the tour.

If you prefer, you can venture around the park on your own by foot, bicycle or go out on a boat. If you choose to explore the park on your own, make sure you have a map. This is the third largest national park in the nation, so it’s very easy to get lost. You should also take along plenty of fresh water and some snacks.

On top of touring the park, there are many other things that you can do during your visit. For example, you can go canoeing, hiking or photograph the scenery and wildlife. You can also go camping, relax and enjoy nature like you’ve never seen it before.

A Little about the Wildlife

The Everglades is the home to a wide variety of wildlife, some of which are very rare and endangered species. Some of these include the Panther, West Indian Manatee, Egrets and the American Crocodile. There are many species of birds, reptiles, alligators, amphibians, mammals and of course lots of insects. It’s very important to remember that while the wildlife in the park is beautiful and amazing, these are wild and unpredictable animals that roam freely. As a result, always use caution and obey the rules to stay safe.

Visitor Information

The Everglades National Park is open every day, so if you’re staying in one of the luxury vacation rentals in Miami Beach, you won’t have far to drive. It’s one of the most affordable attractions in the area and it’s certainly one of the most adventurous. The best time to visit the park is between the middle of December to about the middle of April.

Be sure to dress appropriately for your visit to the Park. The weather is usually hot and humid so you’ll want something comfortable and lightweight. Take along a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a great pair of walking shoes. Since rainstorms do pop up unexpectedly, you may also want to take along a raincoat and umbrella.

When planning your next vacation, look for one of the Miami vacation rentals near the Everglades National Park. Adding this adventure into your travel plans will surely make your next vacation one you’ll always remember. Not only will you get to take advantage of some of the best luxury rentals in the US, but you’ll also have the opportunity to visit one of the most interesting and unique national parks in the nation.

Miami Luxury Travel Tips: Where to Visit

Miami Florida is one of the top places in the world to visit. The hot tropical weather and scenic beaches are certainly two of the main reasons why so many tourists visit the area. However, Miami has many other attractions that you can also take advantage of when vacationing or when traveling to the area on business.

There are so many fun and exciting things to do that it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see some of the sights that has helped Miami become so popular. Here are five Miami luxury travel tips on where to visit when in Miami, that will help you get started planning your trip.

South Beach Art Deco District

When traveling to Miami, the South Beach Art Deco District is a major tourist attraction. This area consists of over 800 historic 1920 to 1940 buildings that are fascinating to see, especially if you’re a history buff. You can take a tour or explore the area on your own. However, since there are so many things to see in this area, you’ll want to stay close by so consider booking your stay at the Setai hotel, which just happens to be one of top luxury hotels in South Beach.

Miami Seaquarium

If you love seeing and learning about some of the most amazing underwater sea creatures in the world, then make plans to visit the Seaquarium. This place is incredible and due to the warm weather, they perform marine shows all year long. You’ll see killer whales, sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles, seals and even a Manatee. It’s educational and fun for whole family.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is an Italian Renaissance-style villa found on Biscayne Bay. It’s a magical place filled with European antiques, 16th to the 19th century art and beautiful gardens filled with fountains, pools and greenery. There is even a maze and a casino in the area. A trip to Miami is just not complete without stopping by to see the historical Vizcaya estate that sits on 50 acres. You’ll find many luxury Miami vacation rentals near the Bay, where you can spend your vacation and enjoy all the things this remarkable place has to offer in style.

Biscayne National Park

This is a great place to visit for family fun that is also educational. If you enjoy nature at its finest, add this to your “To Do” list while on vacation. You can take canoe trips, go kayaking or ride the Glass bottom boat. You can also go snorkeling or see a variety of displays and art exhibits plus so much more. It’s full of beauty and many amazing sights that your whole family is sure to love.

Miami MetroZoo

This is another great family attraction that you can visit any time of the year due to the beautiful tropical weather in Florida. The animals come from places like Africa, Australia and even Asia, so there are animals here that you won’t see in any other zoo. The habitat is designed to look as close to the native home of the animals as possible and the ones that naturally live together in the wild are allowed to live together here instead of being placed in cages. This makes it one of the most unique and fascinating zoos in the world.

Since Miami is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, you’ll find luxury hotels, condos, villas and even short term rentals in Miami Beach and the surrounding area. Therefore, no matter where you visit, you can spend your vacation in pure luxury while being pampered in-between visiting some of these fun and exciting attractions.

Have you ever visited any of the attractions listed here and if so what was your favorite one? Are there any other attractions in Miami that you would like to recommend?


Types of South Beach Miami Vacation Rentals

Miami Vacation RentalsAre you planning a trip to South Beach Miami in the near future? Are you having trouble trying to decide where to stay? There are so many great South Beach Miami vacation rentals available that it can be difficult deciding which accommodations would suit your needs the best. While they all may have some things in common, each type of rental has special features that will meet your specific needs better than others.

Many things determine what type of rental you need such as who you’re traveling with and how many will be in your party. If you’re traveling with friends, then you’ll probably want your own private bedroom. If you have a large group, you’ll need multiple bedrooms so everyone can enjoy their privacy. If you’re vacationing as a family, you’ll need a rental that can accommodate the kids. Take all of these things into consideration when deciding which type of rental you want to choose on your next vacation.

Here are some of the South Beach Miami vacation rentals options available to help you decide which type would be best suited for you:

  • Setai South Beach Hotel– A stay at the Setai hotel will give you access to white sandy beaches, the finest restaurants, cafes, shops, nightclubs and so much more. There’s a little something for everyone at the Setai hotel in South Beach, Miami.
  • South Beach Miami Villa Rentals– When you choose a villa in South Beach, you’ll get the very best in personal service and these rentals offer you more for your money. You can choose a rental with as few as one bedroom or one that has as many as twenty, making it easy for you to find a private villa that meets your needs.
  • South Beach Penthouse Rentals – Located at the very top of the most luxurious high-rise condominiums and apartments in Miami is the penthouse with the most amazing views you’ve ever seen. Staying in a penthouse will make you feel like you’re on top of world and the amenities and services are fantastic.
  • South Beach Miami Mansion Rentals – Staying in a mansion is an experience in itself but when you’re renting a mansion in one of the most exciting cities in America, it becomes even more exhilarating. You’ll feel like a millionaire with all the luxuries and fine amenities associated with mansion rentals. While most people consider a mansion a large estate, it actually describes any luxurious home with three or more bedrooms.
  • Luxury Condo Rentals Miami Beach – Staying in a condo is much like having your own luxury apartment with all the modern conveniences. From the fully equipped kitchen to the beautifully decorated living room, you’re sure to enjoy your stay.

You also have the option of choosing one of the many South Beach short term rentals that are perfect for an extended vacation. It’s also a great option for vacationers who like to stay in Miami during the cold winter months and go back home when the weather warms up again. You can rent condos, mansions and villas for an extended stay and there are many benefits to choosing one of the short term rental options.

Most rentals offer a discount when you rent for longer periods so you can save a lot of Miami Vacation Rentalsmoney but you still get to enjoy all the same luxuries and amenities you would have when renting for a few days. It’s like having a home away from home but with extra services that will make your stay more enjoyable. Choosing the right vacation rental in Miami Beach Fl will make your vacation even more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

How many of these Miami rentals have you tried in the past? Which one did you find the most relaxing or exciting? Tell us about your experience!


One Bal Harbor Hotel in Miami

Are you planning a vacation or business trip to the beautiful city of Miami? Then you’ll need a place to stay and One Bal Harbor Hotel in Miami is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area. It’s known for its elegance and modern design that includes an 18-story glass tower with a 180-degree panoramic view of the Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic Ocean. It’s simply breathtaking but that’s not all.

This beachfront oasis offers deluxe accommodations and outstanding amenities all in one of the most convenient locations in Miami. You’ll fall in love with it immediately. If you’re planning on an extended stay and searching for a Miami Beach short term rental, consider a One Bal Harbor Condo, also available for business travelers and vacationers. Part of the experience of a luxury vacation to Miami lies in where you stay. The hotel choice can be one of the most important choices you make about your trip.

Here are some of the things you can expect from your stay regardless of how long you visit.

The Accommodations

This is one of the most modern and beautiful hotels you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting. Each one of the rooms and suites has its own private terrace, luxurious bedding and modern, comfortable décor. As soon as you step inside the lobby with its custom artwork and towering ceiling, you’ll know you picked the right place for your stay.

The AmenitiesOne Bal Harbor Condo

The amenities at One Bal Harbour in Miami are truly outstanding. The semi-private elevator and personal entrances offers you more privacy. All guests have access to the semi-private beach but if you prefer a more private setting, you can enjoy the pool deck and fully stocked cabanas instead.

You can also play tennis, golf or charter your own private jet or yacht. Enjoy a vigorous workout in the fully equipped gym with your very own private trainer or if you’re staying on business, take advantage of the full service business center. After your workout, drop by the all-inclusive spa for a relaxing makeover. One Bal Harbour in Miami Beach even offers room service from one of the most popular restaurants in the area, 24 hours a day, every day.


This luxury vacation rental in Miami is perfect for travelers who fly because it’s near both the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami airports. It’s also close enough to town that you can easily visit some of the attractions, fine “five star” restaurants or check out some of the famous clubs in Miami. On top of all this, it’s located right on one of the most gorgeous beaches you’ve ever seen. There’s something close by for everyone to enjoy.

There are many great reasons to enjoy a luxury Miami stay and whatever your reason for visiting this great city on the beach, it pays to do some research and find a great place to stay while you’re here. The experience will be all the better when you can lay your head down at night in luxury and wake up refreshed and pampered to start your new day.

The One Bal Harbor hotel in Miami is perfect for the upscale businessman, a family vacation or a romantic getaway with the one you love. It doesn’t matter why you’re visiting Miami or how long you plan to stay, this is the place to be. It’s the ultimate in comfort and offers many extras to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Have you stayed here before? We want to hear about your trip. Feel free to send us a message or leave a comment!


3 Reasons to Book a Vacation Hotel Rentals in Miami Beach – Now

vacation rentals on Miami BeachNo one ever needs a reason to take a vacation. Hey, when wouldn’t you like to take a vacation? But we often need a kick in the pants when it comes to actually taking the plunge and booking a trip. Not to worry – this week’s blog has three reasons for you to stop wasting time and book some vacation rentals in Miami Beach – now.

1. If you’re like most people in search of vacation rentals on Miami Beach, you’ll probably start on a third-party travel site, or on the home website of the hotel at which you’re planning to stay. Not if we have something to say about it! Did you know we can book you in the same hotel and room that you’re eyeying, but for less money? It’s true! Thanks to our partnerships and connections, we’re able to negotiate better rates for our customers than our customers can often get on their own. Not only that, but we have luxury condo and home rentals, too.

2. The weather is cooling down in the midwest, northeast, and a good portion of the country. But not in South Florida! The best time to book vacation rentals in Miami Beach is now, as we enter perhaps the most enjoyable weather of the year – while the rest of America gets snow and winter coats. Do you really want to endure another cold winter without an escape? You don’t have to answer that.

3. You kind of deserve it. Did you know that $34.3 billion worth of vacation days go unused every year? Don’t be part of that statistic. For mental health, memories, and fun, you should take your vacation time. You earned it, after all. And can you think of a better place to spend it than Miami Beach? Neither can we.vacation rentals on Miami Beach

If you needed a reason to search – and book – vacation rentals on Miami Beach, well, now you’ve got three. Looking for some help on exactly where to stay? Whether it’s a hotel, condo or home, we’ve got you covered. Call us at (888) 571-3332. If you skip out on vacation, you’re only cheating yourself!

3 Tips for Listing Your Luxury Miami Beach Property for Rental

Luxury Miami Beach PropertiesDid you know? According to the National Association of Realtors, 27 percent of vacation home buyers plan to purchase the property for the purpose of renting it out to others. And who could blame them? Especially on Miami Beach, luxury property rentals represent great extra-income opportunities; even beyond a typical home rental lease agreement. In fact, in real estate markets such as the one in Miami Beach, luxury property rentals are so popular that they spawn entire industries – our industry!

So how do you go about listing your Miami Beach luxury property? These three tips should get you started.

1. Pricing – We’ll help you with this, as we will with all aspects of listing a property, but it’s important to do your research and understand the market before listing your property. Many factors are at play when it comes to determining the type of income you’ll be able to generate from your luxury rental property, such as season, proximity to the beach (or views of it), and so on. You’ll also need to remember that a security deposit will be necessary for covering any routine maintenance costs, such as cleaning, laundry, lawn care, and so on.

Luxury Miami Beach Properties2. Listing Photos – Homes are like people – they need good lighting to look their best, and some angles are more flattering to them than others. Don’t settle for ‘good enough’ images, either. Use a good quality camera and take a variety of pictures of your luxury Miami Beach rental at different viewpoints – from the ground up, from a balcony on down, at eye-level, or from floor level. Variety also inspires interest. Also prevent people and pets from ‘photobombing’ your image – potential renters want to envision the space for themselves. People and pets, as well as clutter and other personal items can be a detractor. Image is everything.

3. Description – A thorough property description is a perfect pairing with great property images. Your home may have many valuable amenities that you haven’t featured in pictures, so you’ll want to include them here. And be comprehensive, too. An important element of listing a luxury rental property on Miami Beach is considering things that you may take for granted as the owner or ‘local,’ but that an out-of-towner may not. Got an ice maker on the fridge? Are you within walking distance to a local hotspot? Details make the difference.

Need help listing your Miami Beach luxury condo rental, or are you interested in renting one for yourself? Call us today at (888) 571-3332.